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WordPress Expert Panel in Santa Monica October 14, 2010

Get the answers to all your questions at our WordPress Expert Panel. Bring any and all of your WordPress questions to be answered by a diverse panel of experts in many different areas of WordPress, design, SEO, user experience, plugins, usability, and more. It’s like our own mini-WordCamp!

If you have a WordPress site or are thinking about building one, no doubt you’ve got piles of questions:

* What’s the best plugin for…?
* How do I…?
* How come my site won’t…?
* What’s the best way to…?
* Where can I find someone to help me…?
* Should I…?
* What if I want to…?
* Do I need to hire someone to…?

When: October 14th, 2010 7pm

Where: Santa Monic Public Library – Fairview Branch

2101 Ocean Park Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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Meet your panel (in alphabetical order):

Lucy Beer
Lucy Beer of Web Training Wheels is an online marketing professional of 8+ years. She has a background in constructing and executing online marketing campaigns for small business, entertainment and art clients. These days she loves to teach small businesses and entrepreneurs how to develop their online marketing strategies. She has been using WordPress since around 2004 and has never looked back. In addition to marketing consulting she provides WordPress training through one-on-one or small group sessions to help businesses build a solid online foundation for their marketing.

Glenn Bennett
Glenn Bennett is a computer programmer and magazine publisher. He has his own publication, Happenings Magazine. In the mid-90′s Glenn became involved in creating workable solutions for the Internet and created the “AnyBrowser iii Specification” that allowed website builders to create websites that would render consistently with the browsers of the day. He also created his own web browser that rendered web pages using the “AnyBrowser iii Specification” so site creators could view sites using the spec. This experience has given a unique prospective on the web. In addition to continuing to publish his magazine, Glenn is hard at work on several experimental Internet projects and occasionally works as an adviser to online businesses. He currently uses CodeIgniter, PyroCMS, and WordPress to create his projects. His WordPress work includes Widgetifyr.com, WPMultisite.com and PodcastingPlugin.com. He is the current maintainer of the WordPress Podcasting Plugin, which has more than 100,000 downloads.

Marieke Hensel
@hensel | facebook.com/brandingpersonality
Marieke is an online brand strategist since 2002 and is the owner of Branding Personality: the online brand strategy agency for consumer brands. Marieke is an internationally published co-author of BusinessWise, a collaborative book for small companies with large ambitions. Her company, Branding Personality now has 7 employees who help businesses attract customers through online advertising, search engine optimization and social media. Branding Personality generates results for local businesses and national brands such as Fairmont Private Schools, Microsoft Xbox, Chevrolet and Hyundai auto dealers. Marieke started building her first WordPress blog in 2005 and adores WordPress because of the search engine optimization benefits it has and its versatility. Marieke gives workshops to full day trainings in WordPress and leads her clients onto the path of attracting customers through blogging, both by building a community and it benefiting its search engine ranking.

Natalie MacLees
In addition to being the organizer of the WordPress Meetup group, Natalie is also the founder of Purple Pen Productions, a virtual creative agency. She’s been building web sites since AOL was cool (1996). She specializes in user experience, UI design, interaction design, and front end development, and especially loves coding up custom WordPress themes. In addition to client work, she’s working on releasing a set of flexible, extendable WordPress themes.

Marty Thornley
Marty is a freelance designer and developer who works 100% in WordPress. In addition to designing and building custom blogs, he has been the go-to developer for design and branding company Identity Kitchen for the last year, with a focus on custom websites and pushing the limits of WordPress as CMS. Most recently Marty has co-founded a development company with Identity Kitchen owner Ellen Petty. They are preparing to launch their first project, PhotographyBlogSites.com to enable customizable yet affordable WordPress based portfolio sites for photographers, developed using WordPress 3.0’s MultiSite abilities. Marty has developed several plugins including SEO Image Galleries, and the PhotoBlog Image Fixer – both developed as part of PhotographyBlogSites.com.

Conrad Walton
Conrad Walton has been designing, developing, and building web sites for businesses, both large and small, since 1994. Owner of Walton Communications with his wife, who is also a designer, he builds custom sites for small businesses, exclusively using WordPress. Conrad is pretty good at building custom themes and wrangling code. He wrote an ebook called The Care And Feeding Of Search Engines, A Simple Guide To SEO because he wants to empower non-technical people by explaining technical things in easy to understand terms. His primary market is the very small business owner who wants to sell their products online. His claim to fame is that he owns survivor.com, a fan site about the TV show. Conrad owns a cat named Spike.

And more to be announced soon!

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