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Why would someone buy from you?

Why would someone buy from you?When new customers come to us, they usually come with the question:

“How can we get more clients?”

They want to hear an answer like: let’s start doing SEO, or Adwords, and you will get all the traffic you need to be successful. Other people hear about the success of social media, and think they can do social media, like enjoying an energy drink and all leads are naturally flowing in their directions.

If we are lucky, that’s how it may work. More often it’s not.

Typically, there is no easy answer to get new clients. Although I have worked with retail clients in the past, that just need to open the door during store hours to get more clients (seriously!), but usually my answer is more complicated.

I don’t want to scare you away by saying that getting customers is complicated. Luckily, the process isn’t hard, but the execution is a lot harder.

Let me tell you what you need to focus on:

  1. People need to know you exist
  2. People need to understand why you are better/different than what they currently do/use
  3. Create an urgency or emotional trigger why they want your product NOW!

1. People need to know you exist

When I went to college to study marketing, my #1 observation was that there were many companies doing a great job, but nobody knew they were out there.

And you still see that today.

Many people know about Square, the mobile payment provider. With shareholders like Visa and Howard Schulz (Starbucks), the value proposition is clear to them and the world, and they have the money to quickly create an organization that handles thousands of clients. They have a crazy marketing budget to let the world know they are out there.

At the same time, there are a few other providers that get clients from Square, they get burned in a new organization with bad customer service and look for another provider, not all that visible they might stumble upon a review or talk to someone who shares with them that there are other players in the market, like Moblized. A mobile payment provider with a smaller team than Square, they are located at our Coworking Space in Downtown Fullerton. And we see and hear everyday how friendly they are on the phone.

Most new customers don’t look twice, and settle for their first discovery. They probably go with Square.


2. People need to understand why you are better / different than what they currently do/use

Here comes the sales talk. You remember these talks, where the sales guy will brag about why they are better than their competition. Yawn.

But it’s not about the competition. Typically the consumer doesn’t want to change from what they are currently doing. Don’t compare your solution versus the competition because they might not even care. And if they do, they will be the ones bringing it up, rest assured. Do compare yourself versus what they are currently doing, or not doing but should be. The status quo is your biggest competition.

Sketch two scenarios: the first one without using your service, the second one with using your service. What are the results you can deliver?

The big question is really: Why should they care?

And don’t give a vague or bragging answer – come with results based on your existing work, clients you have helped, and testimonials. That’s how you are different, but make your answer be all about them. Be personal.

If you care about them, and you go the extra mile, you may get the chance to be of value to them.

So, to show them why you are better, show them in two ways. First, show them the facts – the difference in results – and then show that you care – the personal stuff. And this goes throughout the whole process. From the moment they first contact you, show them that you care.

Business is always personal.


3. Create an urgency or emotional trigger why they want your product, NOW!

So your client found you, and you have established a relationship with the person. Why would they want to buy your product now?

I am all about patience and not hurrying up the process to get a quick sale. Remember: a sale is the start of a relationship, you want to make sure they are happy and feel good about their purchase. My first advice here is to not hurry them.

At the same time talk with your clients about their goals, their wants.
Why would they want to change from what they currently are doing? Remind them.

Emotional triggers are easier. They don’t work for every product though; for example, if you sell chocolate chip cookies, show great food photography of the product. You either want to purchase the cookies now or it’s not happening at all.


Focus on these three steps when growing your business. Make sure people are able to find you, clarify why you are better than what they do now, and why they should act now rather than later. And you will increase your sales.


If you want to hear our ideas on what we think you can do to get more clients, please fill out the form on the right side and we will research your business and chat with you to show how we can help you best.


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9 Responses to “Why would someone buy from you?”

  1. Chris Lema says:

    “Business is always personal” – the best line of all the business blogs, HBR articles, and journals I’ve read in the last month! Great write-up!

  2. Ping Song says:

    Hey Marieke, you are right. Building a healthy relationship between a company and their customers is always the key. People don’t buy products/services from a company they don’t like/trust. Thanks for your tips. I have bookmarked it.

  3. Carl says:

    Branding is what its all about these days, successfully brand yourself online gaining trust and the commissions will come.

  4. Jayden Chu says:

    Branding is vital in every business. It has to be done right and distributed well.

  5. TheSpeckledGibbler says:

    yea buddy.

  6. Amin saleh says:

    Thanks indeed, cool post. I will mention it in my drop shipping business website http://www.2dropshipping.com

  7. The main reason why poeple buy from you is trust. Product usually comes second. Great article! You hit the mark there.

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