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Why Real Estate Agents Need Social Media -

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Why Real Estate Agents Need Social Media

The Social Web

The Social Web

Using social media is a great way for real estate agents to grow their business as they are able to instantly connect with existing clients, potential clients and their real estate peers. While every real estate agent should use some form of social media to promote their business, this type of marketing is only effective if you do it correctly. Knowing how to leverage the power of social media to help build your real estate business will allow you to efficiently spend your time updating your various social media accounts.

Build your Reputation

The biggest reason why real estate agents need to be using social media websites to promote their business is to build their reputation. When you are able to position yourself as an industry expert, it will be a lot easier to attract new clients. Providing your Twitter followers or Facebook fans with insightful, quality content is the best way to position yourself as an industry expert.

Before every post you make, you want to think about your followers and whether or not they will find this piece of information useful. This will keep your readers interested and engaged in what you are posting as they will look forward to the next piece of information you share about the real estate industry.


Another reason why real estate professionals should be taking advantage of social media websites is to network within the real estate industry. Reaching out to your current and past clients through your Facebook page is an excellent way to ask for referrals for your business. At the end of your posts, you may want to prompt your readers to share your article or link with someone that they know who is looking for a new house. Using social media to network with your current and past clients is a highly effective way to generate new business.

Social media websites are also a great way to network with your professional peers. Following other real estate agents’ Twitter accounts and Facebook pages is wonderful method you can use to see how other agents are marketing their business. Also, you can communicate with these real estate agents through the various social media platforms to ask them some questions about their business. Aligning yourself with other successful real estate agents will help you succeed within the industry as well.

Diversify your Marketing Efforts

The more ways you market your real estate business, the better your chances of being successful become. Mixing in some online advertising and social media marketing will help your business reach new clients that traditional marketing methods never would have reached. Updating your Twitter and Facebook accounts on a regular basis is a good way to keep potential clients informed
about your current listings.

Also, posting videos to YouTube is another great way to market your business in a new way. Something as simple as a photo slide show posted to YouTube can help you spread the word about a new listing you have received. Being able to show potential homebuyers video of a new home you have for sale is a great way to pique their interest in a home.

Finding new and inventive ways to market your real estate business will help your business thrive, especially during this tough housing market. Utilizing various social media websites is an excellent way to reach new clients and promote your real estate business online.


Ben is in Internet marketing for more than five years, working as a Social Media Analyst and Intrernet marketing consultant. One real estate firm from NYC, http://www.arvernebythesea.com, hired him to improve their online rankings through social media campaigns. Here are few of Ben’s tips which he implemented in the social media strategy for this real estate client.

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43 Responses to “Why Real Estate Agents Need Social Media”

  1. I think any real estate agent who is not using social media and blogging to build their personal brand is basically shooting themselves in the foot. They are missing out on a huge opportunity and are sure to get outsold by any competitor who is embracing these platforms. Great post, hopefully it opens up some eyes.

  2. I have a real estate team and I can say these are all solid pieces of advice. The other great thing about social media is it is good for SEO and you can find ways to automate some parts of your marketing.

  3. I’ve been advising several real estate agents to post quality testimonials on their websites and then share those on social media. Instead of a sales pitch, it’s content that their happy clients will actually share with others.

  4. Tom Wilser says:

    If you want to go where the traffic, and therefore the people are, then you have got to consider social media. Looking at Compete.com which shows Google as #1 with approx. 164 million unique visitors and who is second with 158 million? You guessed it, Facebook. The key, as Marieke Hensel said in her post, is knowing that social media marketing “is only effective if you do it correctly.”

  5. Nikki says:

    I think it’s extremely important to also recognize the goals that you’re setting yourself when starting out using social medium for a business. To me the most important result from being active on the social media front, is the active process of getting Brandvocates to do much of the scouring, and promotional work for you. This is however not a short term goal.

  6. thomasnbr says:

    Building your reputation online is a key to generating more leads and brand awareness. I personally think all realtors should have a solid social media presence and keep their profiles updated as much as possible. You have made a good point to say that realtors need to diversify their networks to be even more successful. I also found this article very helpful, it will teach you on how to generate more leads and stay on top of the game in the social media marketing.

  7. Sabrina Kizzie says:

    Building your reputation and having a good reputation is a big part of being on social media. Nowadays, more people are looking for real estate agents and homes through the internet. Without a good social media presence, those customers will not be able to find you online. Great post! Thank you.

  8. Ekom Bassey says:

    The internet is quite broad. How do you narrow your real estate activities to a targeted region, state, country…?

  9. Petra says:

    I’m wondering if realtors should have links to their social media channels at the top and bottom of their site? I’ve heard that just the bottom is best?

    Also, which channels beside facebook and twitter are important? Pinterest? Youtube?

  10. Ben Sawwer says:

    Hi Petra, it is nice to see that even 4 years after I wrote this article, people are still reading it 🙂

    I tried both things, I would say that I didn’t have better conversion with floating soc.media icons on the side and I also know some people find that annoying. That is why soc media icons on the bottom are probabbly the best.

    One more good tip- test your most visiting pages (probably the longest articles) with twitter lock. Give the reader first 200-300 words to read then lock content with “unlock whole article with tweet”.
    That will increase your Klout score because when reader clicks on it, will be automatically redirected into pop up window to pres “send” for his tweet with your mention inside it.

  11. M. Manross says:

    Thanks for the info and suggestions. I am 45 and went back to school this fall. I’m in an Accounting and Business Administration program at LTI. I am working on a project & paper for semester finals on how the Internet and Social Media are Changing the Real Estate Industry. Next semester I have a marketing class so this article corolates well with that too. I’m possibly thinking about a job in a Real Estate office and you have given me a lot to think about. Thank you!

  12. I love this article. This is very well written. You have truly enriched me with some excellent knowledge.

  13. P. P. Gallage - Sri Lanka says:

    An excellent article.

  14. Brett silva says:

    With the booming of internet in recent years the share of internet has been increased enormously to promote different types of business. Use of internet converted the entire world into a village and also has a lot of potential to convert local brand into global one. Internet along with the use of social media could enhance the promotion of real-estate industry at global level. With the use of internet in the better way in the real-estate sector, one could reach the peak position in this industry. I would like to thank you for sharing such an important and useful article with us.

  15. Howard Bush says:

    Social media is one of the best marketing platforms where we can promote our brand and calling without disbursing a back-breaking effort. With a genuine webpage and an average following, the marketer can reach thousands of potential purchasers, donors, and clients effortlessly. Social media can help both the client and the agent to get more attention. It can build a strong reputation in a transient moment which will place the venture in a place over to its competitor. Thus, social media is a much-needed stuff for an estate envoy- http://www.martinlandis.com/.

  16. Commercial real estate agents such as me do come naturally to try social media marketing since you said that it helps us build a network as you said which I think we can expand using Facebook and Twitter. Since I do agree that this will allow us to diversify our markets as you pointed out, I might be able to sell properties faster this way if I acquire professional services to help me spread my influence online. Because you did say that it will help me build my reputation, I might be able to stand out from the crowd and become known quickly as a great real estate broker once I get my marketing done online so I’ll consider this option.

  17. Alessia says:

    We’re looking to buy our first home and we are terrified and excited at the same time. I appreciate your advice to ask our agent anything that comes to mind and that a good agent is one that tries to keep us both happy and informed. We’ll keep this in mind when working with our agent!

  18. Hey! great post for Realtors, it’s very helpful for real estate agents. I think Social Media is the best platform to increase the reach of customers.

  19. Success in real estate requires hard work, time and concentration. The marketing ways discussed here are quite unique and fresh these strategies help to establish a solid foundation for real estate businesses.

  20. hamilton says:

    Social Media is the best platform for estate agents to promote properties. Social media is one of the important strategy for building reputation for business.

  21. In this modern time if you are not using social media as a real estate agent then might be u will be on the same position after 5 years. Social media is the greatest way to grow your business. Your post will motivate to make social media account to every real estate agent who is still not using it. Thanks for the informative post!

  22. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article.obviously you know what you are talking about! Your site is so easy to use too, I’ve bookmark it in my folder.I really loved reading your thoughts.

  23. Ashley says:

    I thought that it made sense when you said that one thing to consider when you are trying to become a real estate agent is to make sure that you build a good reputation through the use of social media advertising. I have been thinking about starting my own business but I have been worried that I will end up not being able to acquire clients. I would be sure to advertise thoroughly and have my clients review my work in order to gain a good reputation and a large clientele.

  24. Betty says:

    Hi there I am Betty, it is my first time to commenting anyplace when I read this article I thought I could also create comment due to this brilliant article.

  25. Absolutely right that every real estate agent should use some form of social media to promote their business, this type of marketing is only effective if you do it correctly.

  26. Homeia says:

    Social Media is a great channel for real estate marketing. Nowadays, more people are looking for real estate agents and homes through the internet. Without a good social media presence, those customers will not be able to find you online. Great post! Thank you.

  27. Ryan Gray says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’d like to say I totally agree with what you said about having a social presence. I, myself found my real estate agent in Toronto Theo Tajou Real Estate Sale Representative through Facebook.. With how social media has seeped into every type of business, it only makes sense that realtors take the same approach.

  28. anil says:


  29. I had a question about how to promote your real estate on social media. Which of the platforms do you use? -Insta, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter. Also, I wanted to know how do you make it engaging for your users. I live in London and the real estate market is really competitive. Therefore, it is worth exploring new ways to find clients.

  30. Reginaldo says:

    In Brazil, I’m starting to work with digital real estate marketing. Here, it is still a novelty for many real estate companies and they do not accept this type of advertising very much and when they do it is the wrong way.

  31. Hania Umar says:

    I am a social media marketer and now a day I am working in a real estate agency and i am comment about this article this person covers maximum about social media in real estate.

  32. Kavita says:

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  33. Kavita says:

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  41. Hi, Great article!
    I’m really enjoying reading your posts. This is well worth a read. You presented great insight and information.

  42. Lauren Smith says:

    Highlighting your successes in order to engage with customers via social media is one of the main advantages of real estate. The more testimonials you can offer as evidence of your delighted clientele, the better. Your clients have plenty of options when looking for an agent or business, so you want to be able to show them as much as you can.

  43. One of the key benefits of real estate is that you can highlight your accomplishments in order to interact with clients on social media. The more client testimonials you can provide as proof of your satisfied customers, the better. You want to be able to provide your clients as many options as you can because they have many to choose from when looking for an agent or company.

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