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Using Search Engine Optimization to Drive Business to Your Website

Sunday, March 27th, 2011 at 1 PM, Marieke Hensel will be giving a workshop on Search Engine Optimization. Marieke Hensel, owner of Branding Personality has more than 10 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, and has helped 30+ clients generate leads by optimizing their sites for the search engines.

This valuable course removes the mystery behind SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You’ll learn what SEO is and how it impacts the numbers and types of visitors coming to your website.

Topics covered include:
• The differences between a search engine friendly website and an search engine optimized website
• How to position your website for SEO
• The necessary steps to optimize your website for search engines
• Tips and techniques for increasing traffic
• What elements your site needs to convert traffic into sales
• Glossary of search engine marketing terms

Discover how to create an SEO friendly website, how to use keywords, tags, & metatags, how to use links, and the top mistakes to avoid. This course will leave you better prepared to maximize the sales potential of your website.

A step-by-step one-page guide on how to maximize SEO for your business.

The workshop is hosted by Branding Personality in Fullerton. If you’d like to attend, please look at one of the meetup groups:


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