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Twitter Update: Headers that Pop

Twitter’s latest update will certainly grab the attention of businesspeople and marketers across the globe. In a Facebook-like shift, Twitter has enabled their users to fully customize the header image that appears at the top of their Twitter profile. Complete with user name, @name, contact information and a bio, the new header allows for better product placement and personal branding opportunities. And the update has been wide spread, appearing on Twitter’s iPhone and Droid mobile apps.

While the little nuances of the recent Twitter update are certainly appreciated, it’s worth taking an introspective approach on what this means for social media. While the world has gravitated towards mass communication, photography and visual aesthetics have been gaining momentum. Visuals provide wordless representations that are easily sharable. Artists and creative minds are “social selling” ¬†on Facebook and Twitter by taking advantage of apps and trending platforms that place a premium on engaging visuals. And with the advent of graphic technology, transferring art from a pallet to a computer is becoming easier than ever.

As the studies continue to pour out, it is becoming increasingly apparent that textual content is becoming a dying vigil in social media darkness. Users are more likely to click on content that has gripping and alluring visuals, and are more likely to pass over long content narratives that have little if any call to action. We as internet users want to know exactly whats going on without having to sift through informational fibers that threaten to drown us in monotony. Now, with Twitter’s new update, we can pinpoint the marketing story behind every profile page without having to read between the lines.

Twitter understands that it needs to increase its visuals in order to stay relevant and competitive in social media. The new update definitely takes advantage of Twitter’s simple aesthetic, while simultaneously allowing users to have a more business-like, visually upfront approach to their tweeting experience. It will be interesting to see how Twitter adapts to the visual demands of social media, but this recent update is surely a step in the right advertorial direction.

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