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Top 5 Call to Action Features for a Website

If you have a commercial website, you need visually interesting, graphically rich calls to prompt visitors to make a purchase or request a service. But different types of websites need different types of calls to action. For example, if you sell products on your website, you want to place an emphasis on pictures and making it easy to buy your most popular, best selling products with the highest margins.

Below is our top 5 calls to action for a website list below is geared more for service related website. Though many may seem like simple solutions, by including these features on your website, you may see higher conversation rates and more profits, which can make all the difference in today’s competitive online sales environment.

#1. Home Page Contact Form with JavaScript

Having a prominent, well-design contact from above the fold makes it easier for visitors to get in touch with you. JavaScript simplifies form verification on websites, and if you want your customers to sign up for special deals or offers, you need the process to be simple for them and effective for you.

JavaScript also allows the opening of separate windows, like a verification form, without forcing a reader to visit a new one. You can add effects such as the onClick event or the fadeOut() method. This can give your site a very professional appearance as well as keep your visitors on the most important and informative pages of your company website, even as they fill out the form.

Contact Form

#2. Use Rich Images and Graphics

You want to make a strong impression with your company website as people are drawn to pictures or graphics. If you use graphics or images that are dull or not interesting, they will not have as big an impact. Like the way lush drapes and expensive-looking fixtures can make a room appear more luxurious, rich images and graphics convey professionalism and success for a website.

The only warning, and this applies to visuals of any kind on a website, is that overloading a site with them can overwhelm a visitor and turn them away rather than drawing them in. So choose your images and graphics wisely and place them in places that prompt action.

#3. Keep Profit Prominent

You want customers to use your services or buy items from your company, but if you are being honest, you really want those customers to buy the items that allow you to make the most money. That is why it is so important for you to keep the most profitable of your products or services in a prominent place on your site.

Customers are more likely to buy or contact you about items that are clearly visible, like impulse buys at checkout at a more traditional store. If you make sure those “impulse buys” will make you more money, then all the more reason for them to be clearly displayed to entice your clients to take action.

#4. Live Chat Pop Out

No matter how certain you are that all the information a person could need is already available on your site, there are questions that may pop up that could be resolved with the help of a trained associate.

Whether you choose to include live chat to help buyers through the purchasing process or to ensure that a current client has answers to any troubleshooting issues that may arise, including a live chat pop out will improve good will with your customers. The better customers feel about you, the more likely they are to do business with your company.

Live Chat

#5. Prominently Display Your Phone Number

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is remarkable the number of companies that fail to place their phone numbers somewhere clearly visible on the business website. That number may be used for everything from queries for more information, customer service or the opportunity to actually speak with someone without computers acting as a barrier. Neglecting this could cost your company money and customers.

Implementing these top 5 calls to action for a website could make a big difference in the performance of your website. It is also a reminder of how important the design of a site is for laying a foundation for success on the Web.

Ascent Internet, a St. George, Utah Web Design and SEO company, contributed this article. You can reach them at AscentInternet.com.

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  1. Just read your tweet and clicked through. Glad I did, it has motivated me to change my contact form, which is currently the last in my sliding sidebar. I plan to move it to the top right for better visibility. Even though my website (www.jasonestevens.com) is a personal site, I feel that the contact form is essential to allow availability to my readers.

    As far as the phone number goes, it is a no brainer. It should be easily accessible and on every page for a business, well at least for a business looking to make money!

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