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Top 10 Best Social Media Blog Posts of 2011 -

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Top 10 Best Social Media Blog Posts of 2011

Social Media Top 10 Posts

Social Media Top 10 Posts

It’s the end of the year and I am very glad for the year we have had. We have made improvements to the website and our blog. Robert (Social Media Strategist) and Miguel (PHP Programmer) have joined the Branding Personality team, and our team has written about many social media topics.

Here is a recap of our blog based on the most popular posts this year:

#10: Social Media + Restaurants = Increased Foot Traffic
This post is geared to the Restaurants that want to benefit more from Social Media, but don’t know where to start. Most restaurants do ‘something’ with social media. But to our findings, most aren’t doing it consistent enough, frequent enough or interesting enough to profit from it. We plan on doing more outreach to restaurants specifically in 2012.

#9: 5 Favorite Online Tools to Manage your Facebook Page
 This is one of our more recent posts, and if you are managing a Facebook Page, take a look. As it will give you 5 of our favorite picks on management tools for Facebook Pages.

#8: A Viral Social Media Christmas Story
 This post shows 2 great examples of the power of Social Media explained with the Christmas story. Christmas is just over, but the videos not only entertain, but give a great impression of the multitude, integration and possibilities of social media in a light way.

#7: Twitter to Release Free Web Analytic Tool
 This was the announcement of Twitters Analytics Tool. We are still waiting for its arrival, but the popularity of this post shows that many people are curious and patiently waiting for it.

#6: How Small Businesses Are Falling Short On Their Online Presence
 A great infographic that shows where small businesses are falling short in their social media efforts. How are you doing compared to the graphs? Did you get some goals in mind for your own social media campaign and where you want to connect with your audience?

#5: How a Car Dealership can sell more Cars on Facebook
 We are working with more and more auto dealerships, thanks to the partnership with Kathi Kruse, Social Media Consultant for Auto Dealerships, and this Honda Campaign on Facebook is a great example of how a car dealership can achieve success with social media.

#4: 100 effective ways to promote your personal brand FOR FREE!
 This post is mainly a list of 100 ideas to promote your personal brand online. That’s all that it is. I was planning to link each point to a separate blog article, but that never happened – except one. It does give inspiration if you want to find more places to promote your personal brand, and they are all free options.

#3: 7 Must Do Tips to Increase Views On Your YouTube Videos
One thing we started doing in 2011 is YouTube campaigns for our clients, we have done video productions, and commercials, but most of all worked with our clients video material and did all the YouTube promotion for them. This blog post shows you from our experience the best things you can do to increase views on your YouTube videos.

#2: 10 Quick and Simple ways to get more Likes on Facebook
 Our next best read post this year was how to get more Likes on Facebook. We have been doing campaigns on Facebook for 3 years now, but this year it looked like Facebook was a hot spot for the masses of small business owners. This blog discusses 10 ways to get more likes on Facebook, that’s usually what people think they need to be successful. I hope next year people will be more interested in getting engagement, as likes without engagement isn’t worth much.

And our #1 post this year:

Does your Facebook Page Have a Strong Call to Action?
Our number one post is also a Facebook post, it shows great examples of a Facebook Page custom design with a strong call to action. That strong call to action can be used to like your page or to immediately request more information about your products. In both cases, a good design and a clear call to action work wonders in getting results from your Facebook Page.

The other thing I want to note, is that we have written a number of posts on Google Plus as well, but people have been reading our posts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter more. That might change in 2012, but Facebook won’t disappear. And we promise to bring you more news about YouTube, Twitter and other social networks that come up.

What is your favorite post from this top 10 list? Is this list a good reflection of our blog?

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  1. James Greg says:

    This list contains great articles. This is my first visit and I really like you have complied the best articles of the year and now I’m reading all of these. Thank you for the compilation.

  2. Hope you enjoy all of them James!

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