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The Willy Wonka Guide to Marketing: Part 2

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As we saw last week in The Willy Wonka Guide to Marketing: Part 1, Willy Wonka is a marketing whiz, even though he’s never worn fleece or set foot at 1 Infinite Loop.  The great chocolatier is back this week with more tips on Marketing, so let’s press on:

Know Your Unique Value Proposition:

Wonka knows what sets him apart from other chocolate and candymakers: his awesome chocolate. How does he get it so awesome? His chocolate waterfall and river. “No other factory in the world mixes its chocolate by waterfall!” What do you offer that no one else offers?

Wonka’s Lesson: Figure out what your chocolate waterfall is.

Empower Your Employees:

Wonka kept the Oompa Loompas happy by paying them in their favorite food (not exactly doable in real-life) but they also had health benefits, job security, childcare, and got to do what they love – make candy. As testers of products, the Oompa Loompas are Wonka’s trusted advisors and they are able to take action and make changes when necessary (see: the Hair Toffee incident). The Oompa Loompas have a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and this, combined with clear and effective operational processes, translates to a superior product.

Wonka’s Lesson: Ineffective processes and negative managers are the vermicious knids of the business world. Protect your employees from them.

Outsmart Your Competitors:

Wonka knew his main competitors, Slugworth, Prodnose, and Fickelgruber were obsessed with learning his secrets. Wonka hired workers who he knew he could trust (and built up trust by empowering them. See above.) and then came up with a brilliant contest that #1 guaranteed him wild revenues and #2 a chance to hire someone who would love the Wonka brand so much that he or she would spend the rest of his or her life protecting it.

Wonka was able to execute this amazing contest because he knew his factory inside and out. He knew exactly who the factory needed to survive. Wonka also knew his industry – that competition is fierce and ingenuity is vital to survival. Knowing your unique value proposition and having employees you can trust sets you up for success and enables you to outrun your competition, leaving them to the snozzwangers.

Wonka’s lesson: Know your factory. Know your industry. 

Lori Johnson (@BPLoriJ) is Branding Personality’s Customer Experience Manager. Her favorite Wonka invention is square candies that look round.

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