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The London 2012 Olympic Brand

London Olympics Logo 2012A powerful and iconic brand is essential for communicating a business ideology. Whether you’re trying to convey a sense of ambition, a unique sales angle or an empowering message; a brand should be consistent, recognizable and flexible. The most memorable branding is not only visually stimulating, but encourages positive associations and should be universally understood. Effective branding should engage the viewer instantly.

The Olympic Games

With their four year cycle and worldwide coverage, pose a unique and tantalizing challenge: the chance to communicate a brand to over one billion viewers. The Olympic brand has the challenging task of combining tradition with innovation; the historic spirit of the Games with the ever-evolving ethos of global community. Developing a brand to represent the Games is often a competitive and highly pursued field. In the past, iconic designs have incorporated the culture of the host city with the international spirit of the Games – represented by China’s famous “Dancing Beijing” figure from the 2008 Summer Olympics. The organizers of London 2012, as the event has come to be known, have decided on several iconic images to represent their branding.

The London 2012 Brand

The London 2012 brand is instantly identifiable. Although the contemporary and jagged numbers have met with mixed reviews from the British public; the magenta logo is unmistakable and cannot be confused with any predecessor. The stylized numbers incorporate the catchy slogan ‘2012’, and are designed specifically to appeal to young people. This year, the Olympic Committee are attempting to reach out to young people to get them more involved in the Games – and subsequently lead a more active lifestyle. The logo itself appears to ‘buzz’ with energy; reflected upon a larger screen it seems almost electrifying. The geometric shapes seem to embody a spirit of youth and energetic vitality. It inspires confidence and represents challenge. Most of all, the chaotic precision of the numbers’ placement appear to be ‘shaking up’ the tradition, unafraid to defy the norm. The brand is now omnipresent across the United Kingdom: it adorns bus shelters, television screens and all other assorted Olympic paraphernalia.

The Official Mascot of London 2012

The official mascot of London 2012 forms an integral part of their branding campaign; aimed especially at engaging young people and children in the Games. Wenlock is a metallic humanoid blob, with a calculatingly charming backstory; the original mascots were first devised by a steelworker who made toys for his grandchildren out of scrap metal. Wenlock is named after a small English country town – Much Wenlock – where the founder of the modern Games, Pierre de Coubertin, was inspired to revive the Olympics. Wenlock’s design cunningly incorporates several iconic elements: the five Olympic bands worn as ‘friendship bracelets’, the recording camera held aloft captures and preserves every moment, and he even sports a taxi light atop his head to represent the famous London black cabs. Wenlock and Mandeville, his Paralympic companion, have gone down far more favorably with the British public; they feature on official merchandise as well as starring in several television spots.

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5 Responses to “The London 2012 Olympic Brand”

  1. Great article!

    The logo disturbs me. It is very jarring. not calming, soothing, or relaxing to look at.

  2. jennifer says:

    I like the logo, simple yet awesome. Thanks for letting me stopped by. I am looking forward for more interesting post.

  3. Paul Nelson says:

    I’ve seen many articles that try to explain why this logo is good. They all have great rationalizations for why certain things were done, but they all fail to realize that the logo is just plain ugly. It honestly reminds me of crumpled up paper or a lousy high school silk screen project for a t-shirt made in the 1980s. Wolff Olin’s is so hit or miss with a lot of their work. Unfortunately this year long project gets an F.

    Sorry to be so negative 🙁 I’m really much more fun! Just disappointed ~shrug~

  4. David Boyll says:

    Sorry, but if you have to explain a logo, it’s a FAIL.

    And this one is just plain ugly. It says absolutely nothing about the Olympisc brand, sport, or the London venue. It’s not inspiring, and other than the rings, is generic and unremarkable.

    Not a hater, just drawing from my experience as a Marketer and Media professional.

  5. Roger Irwin says:

    Clearly the designer who was chosen was picked for his ability to hide a political agenda in this massively overpriced logo. It cost 400k if I remember correctly.

    If your not sure what that hidden political agenda is, I recommend you do a bit of online research because thousands of people have talked about it. If you look carefully at the logo, rather than saying ‘2012’ it actually spells out the word ‘Zion’ which relates to an ideology and a group who have always been involved in the Olympics. Add this to the fact that this Olympics is being used to turn London into the new Jerusalem and it all starts to paint a very clear picture if you understand what that means. BTW, if you doubt the logo really spells out ‘Zion’ please explain the dot that goes above the letter ‘i’
    Even Boris Johnson has been filmed saying that this Olympics (like every other) is deeply connected to Zionism.

    I’m not going to explain it all here because there is overwhelming proof all over the internet. You won’t hear about it in the mainstream news because they are deeply involved in this massive conspiracy of globalization.

    Once you’ve researched everything I’ve said here, you will know exactly what I mean when I say, Please make sure you avoid these Olympics like the plague, if your planning on going, please don’t. It’s FAR TOO dangerous and if you have a ticket you should tear it up and stay at home.

    I sincerly hope this motivates you to research everything I’ve said because this has now gone way beyond a conscpiracy theory. As I said, the evidence is overwhelming and I’ve never heard so many people saying the same thing in regards to an alternative bit of information. I live in Surrey myself and even I will be uncomfortable where I am.

    Now I promise you your not going to believe this if this is the first time you’ve heard of all this but do me a favor, bookmark this comment/page so you can come back to it after the Olympics because I’m going to tell you something now that’s so unbelieveable and so extream you’ll be convinced it was all planned by our government after events come to pass. Either during or just after the Olympic games, the whole of London is going to be evacuated of people, the military are prepared and we actually have over 100,000 troops from various countries that are spread out in various barracks across london. Now when this happens as I’ve said here, I hope that will be enough to change your world view and learn about whats really going on in this disgusting and immoral world.

    Anyway take care.

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