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Taking a Summer Vacation From Social Media -

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Taking a Summer Vacation From Social Media

Summer VacationSummer is finally here and you find yourself with some free time to take a trip with friends and family, but what does it take to make this trip a true ‘vacation’? Every day we find ourselves strapped to our phones, iPads, and laptops – its almost as if we can’t get away from the constant need to use our beloved devices. This summer, challenge yourself to do something totally different. Challenge yourself to take some time off, go somewhere peaceful, and do your best to put down your electronic devices. We’re all so worried that if we don’t tweet regularly and often well lose followers or if we don’t maintain a steady social interaction on Facebook we’ll lose contact with someone. This notion is a complete fallacy. Yes, you can use your social media while on vacation, but you’re much better off setting it down for a little bit.

There’s a difference between a business trip and a vacation. When you take your next vacation think about the people you’re going with and make plans to maximize the attention you all give each other. If you’re going with your family this is the perfect opportunity to have quality time together – not just to talk on the phone, text here and there, and maybe have a regular family meal. This is your time to relax and recharge yourself.

For some people, putting down all forms of social media may be impossible. If that’s the case then it is important to try and limit yourself to the bare essentials. If your workplace requires constant emailing or something of a similar variety make a promise to yourself that you will only reply to the urgent emails in a quick and direct manner. It might be a good idea to leave the laptop behind and force yourself to handle things quickly from your phone. While Twitter, Facebook, etc. are fun to browse and spend time on, try to keep it to a minimum – your friends and followers will understand and often be eager to hear all about your trip when you get back. Taking photos will come in handy when it comes to retelling your experiences.

Take time this summer to find a little bit of free time, even just a weekend, to unplug and you’ll be shocked at how refreshed you feel. Then when you come back you’ll have tons of tales to share and probably generate even more buzz than you would if you stayed home and used your social media as per usual.

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5 Responses to “Taking a Summer Vacation From Social Media”

  1. Amit Verma says:

    Have a great trip dear. Happy Vacations. Enjoy 🙂

  2. Morgan says:

    Whenever I go on vacation, I’ll still reply to social media and talk about my vacation through social media, but I won’t do any actual work. I like to be as active as possible through social media, no matter if I’m on vacation or not. 🙂

    Great post!

  3. I took a winter vacation from social media, and then a spring break. Excited about a summer vacation. 🙂 Then I’m planning a Halloween and fall break from social media. OK I admit it, I’m not that into social media. I keep trying though.

  4. Jodi Krohn says:

    Good advice. A little Balance in life is always healthy. Also, stepping back from the daily routine enables a better perspective of the big picture. Come back refreshed with new ideas and thoughts about how you want to press forward! Have a great summer!

  5. Gareh Pakin says:

    This is great advice – when you are pushing the boundries 24/7 at work often you get so encapsulated in what you are doing you forget the bigger picture. Taking a bit of time out, gives you a chance to see the bigger picture and often it is during these times out that your most creative thinking occurs. I hope you have a fantastic summer!

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