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Social Media Brand Strategy -

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Social Media Brand Strategy


Branding Personality creates long-term solutions.
We help you build the brand, establish a loyal client base and attract long-term sales.


Phase 1: THE BRAND

Clarify the Brand

People like brands. They not only simplify choices and guarantee quality, but they also add fun and interest; they provide aspirations and dreams.

Branding is not about being portrayed as the best in your field. It is not about outshining your competition. Branding is about you becoming the only possible option for your next customer. Therefore, branding is about understanding what you stand for.

Understanding the brand is the foundation for a successful marketing campaign. The story about the brand creates trust and inspires its customers and brand ambassadors. Loyalty and trust of your customers is what establishes your brand.



Create your Marketing Success System

The Marketing Success System is like a funnel. You attract a lot of people that are interested in your product, if they get into your funnel (they visited the website, contacted the company, or heard about it online), marketing elements need to be in place to contact the client where they are in the funnel to get them through the funnel and become your customer for life.

The success of Branding Personality’s systems is that we reach out to the customer when they contact the company and we keep reaching out to the customer until they are ready to purchase.


Phase 3: THE TOOLS

Create your Marketing Tool Kit

It is human nature to want to fit in. But it is also human nature to choose the things that stand out. People purchase things that stand out to them, not blend in, or are the same as their competitors. Make sure your brand attributes shine through in all that you do and the brand impressions that you make.

In this phase we are designing and developing the marketing tools that we feel are critical for your success. These marketing tools depend on the elements in the Marketing Success System.


Phase 4: THE PLAN

Create your Brand Communication Plan

The Brand Communication plan defines what elements we are going to do every day, week, month and year to reach your goals.

This is the phase where we set you up for success. We set up the metrics and create the plan that will reach our community, culture, brand and sales goals. We define the channels and set up the marketing calendar for the year.



Activate your Success

This is the ongoing execution of the campaign. The execution of a successful campaign is a collaboration of Branding Personality and the client. The execution of our campaigns can have an emphasis in one of the following areas:
• Filling the pipeline with new customers
• Following Up on potential customers
• Improve brand perception with the client
• Closing more sales


Getting Started

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