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Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Blog -

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Blog

Guest BloggingIf you are running a blog and want it to be successful and gain more visitors, you need to be good at social marketing. Without social marketing, you are going to struggle in generating traffic.

Update on a regular basis

To make your blog successful, one of the most important things that you need to do is to update it on a regular basis. People these days do not like blogs that remain idle for an extended period. They want fresh news and views on a daily basis. If you are not able to maintain the interest level of your audience, your blog is going to suffer and you are going to face plenty of problems in maintaining your web ranking.

By using social marketing tools like Facebook and Twitter, you can tell your audience that what’s in store for them in the coming days. This will create a sense of curiosity among your subscribers.

Professionalism in your Facebook and Twitter page

To get the best out of social marketing tools like Facebook and Twitter, it is of paramount importance that you develop these pages in a professional manner. If you treat it casually, it is not going to be of any help. Make it as interesting as you can. You would be surprise to know that these tools generate quite a bit of blog traffic, provided you use it effectively. Trust is one of the most important factors when it comes to generating quality traffic for your blog, so make sure that you are honest in your approach and thinking.


An important thing you should do, is advertise your social media pages on popular websites and search engines. The main advantage is that it will have a positive impact on your Alexa page ranking and Google page ranking. With an increase in ranking, your blog is going to gain popularity and you will be able to use it for other purposes such as affiliate marketing, sell ad space and so on. All this will only happen when there is a jump in your traffic and the subscriber base of your blog is on the up.

If you are using article directories to generate traffic to your blog, make sure that your articles have links to your social media pages in addition to your blog URL. This will help increase traffic to your blog.


To use social media marketing for your blog, it is very important that you post in a manner that creates a good bond between you and your visitors. Try to write engaging and original content. If your content is not original, your blog is not going to be a hit. Do not block the comment feature in your blog because it is one of the best methods to get a feedback from your visitors. Reply to every comment that is posted on your blog. It will create a positive impression for your visitors.

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Alex from SEO-Atlanta.com, contributed this post. His SEO Company help businesses across the U.S. optimize their websites.

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16 Responses to “Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Blog”

  1. Social Media is very important for any business unit now-a-days, and whether you are a solo-entrepreneur, a small business man or running a big corporation, social media is the only way to stay. Up to 93% of customers in market use social media in some capacity to gain exposure for their business units and out of this, 72% customers are agreed that social media marketing improved their traffic.

  2. I enjoyed your article, but have a question. My company is a disaster restoration firm. Our site and blog is very neww but it is updated weekly if not daily. We were advised not to allow comments due to spam traffic. Since our services are not always something that people are concerned with on a daily basis until they have a problem, what would you suggest for good promotion and what are your thoughts on allowing comments in our scenario?

    • Dave Lucas says:

      By all means, allow comments so you can interact with customers! Just be sure to MODERATE them!

  3. Kristin says:

    Totally agree with most of this. The one area I’d leave some wiggle room is Twitter. I think that casual back-and-forth with followers and potential followers can be useful in letting them get to know the people behind the company.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

  4. Georgie says:

    Yes, it is very interesting how important social media has become to the business world. In 5 or 10 years, I believe it will be almost unheard of – a business without facebook, or twitter or blogs.

  5. Paul says:

    Robert, thanks for the post and tips. I think you offer another great example of “social media marketing” with your clever call-to-action of “tell the world you just read this” and then giving people the opportunity to do just that.

    I also like this Spotify playlist http://www.thinkbigonline.com.au/20-must-have-play-list-for-spotify/ which encourages businesses to engage with customers on a humorous level for their social networking. Cheers!

  6. Issac Perry says:

    “Use the like button!” RT@Element850info Another great method of marketing promotion and free web publicity. Twitter plug in feature adds another layer of credibility, and builds quality trust factors by integrating knowledgeable sources with expertise knowledge.

  7. Social Media pays an important role in generating traffic and it is true that without its help, we will suffer from maintaining website traffic and ranking. It might seem hard tho but we will eventually learn how to use social media accounts professional and not personally. Thanks.

  8. Ed Kish says:

    Hi Robert,
    There are handful of excellent social networking blogs which are updated very frequently with the latest and greatest relating to social internet marketing. however, by this post we can help others to understand what social media really is.

    Social Media is easy as long as you give your heart on it.
    This post is cool and interesting.


  9. Dragos says:

    Excellent tips, thanks for sharing!
    Social media marketing is a must have “tool”for every business out there
    If you’re not using social media to promote your business you’re leaving money on the table

  10. Portman says:

    Really interesting and useful points you got there! Marketing in
    social media (and in other mediums) is really pretty much about
    connecting with the audience emotionally while communicating value. And
    it often does feel like marriage!

    Thanks for sharing! 😉 http://www.allmoh.in/

  11. Awesome post! A very good step-by-step guide especially for a beginner like me. It’s overwhelming with information, thank you for making it easy and very detailed.. I’ll pop some questions here, if I need help, hope that’s okay.

  12. It is very important to update your blog from time to time. Likewise, posting on your blog is needed to develop and the development must be in professional way. Thank you for these tips. It is indeed useful.

  13. James Johnson says:

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  14. jstephensppc says:

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