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Social Media Has Changed The Way We Watch Television -

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Social Media Has Changed The Way We Watch Television

TV 2.0With the progressive growth of Social Media over the past couple of years, you are no longer restricted to watching television with just the people in your living room. With social media you now have access to real-time conversations with millions of others based upon what you are watching. With more and more television networks getting in on the action, the terms “TV 2.0,” and “Second Screen” have become popular terms to describe this new cross-media phenomenon.


With more and more people sitting back on the couch balancing their laptops, tablets, smartphones and remotes, its no wonder that Facebook is being saturated with status updates about the things happening on television as they happen. Take for instance last nights, Academy Awards show. How many of you woke up this morning to a newsfeed filled with status updates containing thoughts about the winners, losers, best and worst dressed and red carpet moments at the Academy Awards? Chances are all of you did. With Facebook, you share your thoughts and opinions with all of your friends and chances are you are doing so to seek some sort of response from them. Whether it be a comment or a like, your need for online engagement continues to grow. Since you cant always be with your friends, it’s a lot easier to share what you’re thinking online for all of them to see and discuss with you.


There is almost 200 million users on Twitter partaking in conversations in real-time. With the #hashtag feature, Twitter makes it seemingly easy to see what others are saying and allows you to chime in on a specific event or show that you are watching, in real-time. Today, Television networks and marketers alike are taking advantage of this feature. Now, most major networks show a Twitter hashtag associated with the program in the lower left and righthand corners of the screen to point Twitter users in the right direction, so that they can follow along with the online conversations taking place. Networks have even begun to show hashtags before the program begins and during commercials to remind people that they can chime in on the conversations online. Twitter enables people to share their thoughts and opinions about what is going on and by using a hashtag, it groups all those tweets together so that everyone using that hastag can see what everyone else is saying. Even if you don’t want to chime in, you can still search the hashtag and follow along with what others have to say.


Advertisers and Marketers alike have begun to incorporate social media right into their commercials in order to spark engagement and conversation about their brands. Most commercials shown today flash a hashtag associated with the product or service, so that people can converse online about the commercial its-self or the product, which furthers the brand’s reach.  Marketers usually flash a quick “Find us on Facebook,” at the end of every commercial in hopes that you are on Facebook at the time and will venture over to their page to check it out and “like” their page to receive brand updates in your newsfeed. If you haven’t noticed already, at the end of most commercials you will see the three major social media symbols at the very bottom pointing you to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This is to grab your attention and send you to their social media profiles to see more exclusive deals and videos about their products and services. A great way to get more people engaged with their favorite brands online!


This new TV 2.0 phenomenon is here to stay and is in fact growing larger and larger as time goes by. Since more and more people are spending time juggling their attention between their televsions and mobile devices, the possibilities for Marketers are endless. Even though this is still relatively new, I’m curious to see how cross-media promotions will progress over the coming months.

Have you ever tweeted along with a TV Show or Event? If so what was your experience like?

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5 Responses to “Social Media Has Changed The Way We Watch Television”

  1. Ayyie says:

    This is really helpful…Thank you for the awesome post you have shared us here then…

  2. Ayie says:

    This is definitely a big help to most people…Thanks a lot!

  3. Roger Brown says:

    This is a nice post. We are all witnessing this change everyday.

    I often tweet along with a TV show or event, and that gets a good response from friends and followers. Even I love it when someone else tweets similarly.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. I haven’t yet tweeted or shared anything specific about a television show while I was watching it, but I HAVE monitored my accounts and held side conversations while watching. Does that count? This trend to multi-task while we do anything “passive” also affects the online stuff like webinars and teleclasses. We need to be aware of this if we’re the ones doing the presenting.

  5. It is interesting to note that social media has indeed changed the way we watch television. It’s gotten to the point where we could watch our favorite shows while on our smartphones. Come to think of it, I am currently thinking of subscribing to the newest tv provider that offers the most channels at an affordable price when I move to our new apartment next week.

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