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Social Media Coaching Program -

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The Social Media Success System That Generates Local Fans Of Your Business and Converts Them Into Customers


A Proven System That Gets Your Business in Front of the Right Customers on the Right Social Platforms, and Gets Them Buying Your Products and Services


Do you ever find yourself wondering why your competitors are taking over your customers even though the products you offer are far better in value? You wonder what you can do to win over customers, but every minute you spend thinking about how to improve your business is a lost minute in revenue.


successIs there something your competition is doing that you’re not doing, that is costing you thousands of dollars in revenue each month?


There is something they’re doing, probably with great success, that you’re not: They’re harnessing the power of social media to connect with a bigger audience and convert it into paying customers. But not just that – they’re converting them into advocates loyal to your brand.


Time and time again, business owners just like you have told us:


“I want to use social marketing, but I just don’t know how…”




“Is it really that beneficial?”




“I’m already so busy as it is, how am I going to make time for this?”


The real question you should be asking is:

“Can I really afford to NOT invest in social media and risk falling behind everyone else?” 


It’s time to break out of the status quo and begin attracting more customers so you don’t have to worry about tough times, making payroll, and where the next sale is going to come from.


With our 5-step system, business owners have seen dramatic results even with zero social media presence.  We are ready to share the tactics that make our clients successful – so you can be successful, too.


With Branding Personality’s Social Media Success System, you’ll get:

  • Complete success kits addressing all areas of social media and online marketing. These kits include webinars, printable materials, practical examples and workbooks.

  • Access to a weekly exclusive 30-minute webinar and action steps to put what you’ve learned to good use. The webinar will teach you everything from how to get set up on a particular platform and tips for creating meaningful content, to measuring the effectiveness of your online networking.

  • If audio is not your preferred method of learning, a complete transcript will be provided for each webinar. That way, you can review the subject on your own time and skim the notes quickly to find the exact point you want.

  • You will be able to implement our lead tracking system in order to more effectively generate leads through social media outreach, record, track, and follow up with them.

  • Your membership also gives you access to a members-only online community of fellow members where you can brainstorm solutions and trade advice and experience.

  • Free lifetime membership that will give you ongoing access to all tools after you’ve graduated from the program.


“But how do I know I’m investing in the right training?”

“Branding Personality is the “real deal” thought leader in social media and brand building. Don’t read another book or see another speaker on social media until you talk with Marieke; she and her team deliver measurable success in this space every day.”

– Joe Burke, VP of Marketing, Goodwill of Orange County


In February 2013, Goodwill of Orange County sought out Branding Personality to take their stagnant social media and make it work, while shifting their audience from middle-aged women to millennials. We took Goodwill of Orange County from the bottom rung of social media to the #1 Goodwill agency (out of almost 200 nationwide) in only 9 months. And we’re about to teach you how you can accomplish the same!


“But what will this program do for me?”

Social media is continuously changing, and what worked yesterday may not work today. Branding Personality’s Social Media Success Training prepares you for this fact and keeps you up-to-date with what should and should not be done.


Are you looking for more sales? More leads? Higher conversions? Better name branding? A bigger buzz in your community? We will teach you how to reach these goals.


This program is specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses looking for professional help with their social media. The program is affordable and results-driven.


“Branding Personality’s team of professional marketers and developers has helped my business grow to heights I never dreamed possible!”

– Kathy Kruse, CEO Kruse Control, Inc.


Kathy Kruse has worked in the automotive industry for 25+ years. Together with her, Branding Personality has worked with several car dealerships in Orange County and the Inland Empire. For Honda Cars of Corona, we executed a contest to drive sign-ups for test drives through Facebook. After setting up a proper landing page, Honda Cars of Corona garnered 1,000 new page likes in just 2 weeks, along with 50 qualified sign-ups for test drives. We exceeded their expectations; they called it a success!


“This program seems like a big time commitment.”

Dedication is always needed to succeed. You’ve spent so much time struggling on social media already – now is the time to invest in something meaningful!

We want you to be committed to the program, because it’s the only way you’ll be able to turn your social media into sales revenue!


Designed in a weekly format, our program offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, tutorials, and action steps. Going through the materials and completing the assignments might take you 1.5 hours a week, but if you adhere to our guidelines and are committed to reaching your goals, you’ll be on your way to success in no time.


“What Am I Getting Into?”

Branding Personality’s Social Media Success Program is a lifetime program that will strategically walk you through the steps to have an engaging social media presence that generates new customers.


“This sounds expensive…Can I afford it?”


The question to ask should be: Can I afford to NOT do this? Investing in social marketing is just that: an investment. The good news: It’s an investment that pays off! This program is designed to ensure that every dollar you put into it results in more paying customers.


It’s time to get serious about your social media growth strategy. When you follow through with our program, you will see a guaranteed increase in engagement, a considerable growth of your online community, and an increase in sales revenue. So what are you waiting for?


You can certainly do nothing, and in six months from now your business may not have advanced in terms of gaining more loyal customers and you’ll still be where you are today.

The one action you CAN take today is to make the right decision to grow your customers. They are online – be visible to them! Learn how to do it right; get started today!

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Launching April 1, 2014!

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