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Social Media and Small Business Saturday

Millions of small businesses across the United States employ 99.7% of the currently employed population. This is because America has thrived on the success of small businesses from the very beginning. In an effort to stimulate local economies, American Express took to the airwaves using it’s social media to promote “shopping small” and buying locally on the 2nd ever Small Business Saturday. As small shops across the country were filled with shoppers, many celebrities and top online influencers including President Obama took to the twitterverse to help support shopping locally.

By advertising on Twitter with a Promoted #SmallBusinessSaturday hash tag, American Express was able to get more then 300,000 tweets posted using this hash tag and many others similar, along with nearly 3 million Facebook Page fans for the Small Business Saturday page sponsored by American Express. This entire movement has been brought on by American Express using their online influence and social media channels to get the word out about Small Business Saturday. By promoting the concept of Small Business Saturday, American Express was able to create viral gold by sharing the benefits of  shopping locally at mom and popshops to help promote the growth of our economy nationwide.

This shop locally concept has spread like wildfire and with its second year running, Small Business Saturday has provided significant boosts to local economies all across the country. This movement was not only genius for small businesses and American Express, but has shown just how powerful and significant social media is in today’s times. American Express has now provided a day for all small businesses to join together and help promote their stores to local consumers. This campaign is truly remarkable and just goes to show how social media has helped the growth of businesses both locally and nationwide.

To learn more about American Express’s Social Media and Small Business Saturday campaign, checkout SmallBusinessSaturday.com. Here they have provided many tools to help your business get started using social media. If you are looking to get started with a social media campaign and not exactly sure where to start, check out some of the services we offer.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today! You can find us on Facebook  or on Twitter @bpsocial. You can also fill out the form at the top right to have one of our social media strategists call you today! We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business grow with social media.

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7 Responses to “Social Media and Small Business Saturday”

  1. Douh An says:

    Now I learn more about American Express’s Social Media and Small Business Saturday campaign…Thanks for the great post…

  2. I think it is wonderful that American Express is focused on helping Small and Local Businesses Social Media campaigns. Shopping local will take off so much more when local and small businesses figure out how to successfully market locally through SEO and social media.

  3. Inga says:

    Thank you for sharing this information with us! I have recognized the impact from Social Media for doing PR for Small businesses but didn’t know that American Express was helping in this way? I’ll have to learn more about SEO and Social Media campaigns.

  4. Matt says:

    I didn’t know this was purely a thing created by American Express. Awesome! I saw some specials on Foursquare that required an American Express card to redeem. Interesting.

  5. Kellie says:

    This is a good idea!!Thanks anyway for sharing it to us…

  6. Cherry says:

    This is very helpful and I thank you for letting us know about this…

  7. Dea Mae says:

    Hi…Thanks for the information about social media and small business….This can help for sure…

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