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Social Media Across the Pond – United Kingdom

UK GuardThe United Kingdom is amongst the largest nations within the European Union.  InternetWorldStats.com estimates that there are about 53 million Internet users in the UK – giving the folks across the pond an 84% Internet penetration. Although Northern Ireland lags behind the South Eastern region of the UK, as a whole they’re still well connected in comparison to some of the smaller EU nations.

So what social media sites dominate in the UK? Hitwise reports that: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the most visited social media sites.  Facebook is “King”, and boasts over a 50% share of visits amongst the top 6 social media sites. We got some great insights from Xposure on some interesting stats about the social media heavy weights in the United Kingdom.


There is a lot of potential for brands looking to connect with adults on Facebook. UK adults aged 25-32 (34%) and 35-34 (31%) are the two largest demographics on Facebook. The two largest income brackets are reported to be 30,000-49,999 with a 42% share and 50,000+ with 22%.  This shows a great opportunity for higher end brands to connect with target consumers.

Although there is an opportunity for higher end brands you might be surprised what UK brands get the most “likes” from their fans. Check out the UK Brands with the highest amount of fans to see how they engage and connect with consumers.  Cadbury’s two brands Creme Egg and Wispa engage clients in a fun and playful way with their Facebook presence.  You can see tons of customers interacting with brands via posts, comments, and likes. Which is what you’re trying to do with your social media presence on Facebook – brand awareness and consumer engagement.


With about 26 million users, Twitter has seen huge growth in the past couple of years in the UK.  We are going to see a lot of B2C and B2B using Twitter, and respectively Twitter seems to be the most popular platform to use amongst businesses. Twitter’s ease of use is definitely a positive aspect of the social media “megaphone.”

Adults aged 25-44 make up over 60% of the Twitter population in the UK and with respect to income brackets – 30,000 – 50,000+ hold to be the largest percentage of income amongst users.

 Houses of Parliament, London.So what is a company to do?

UK brands and businesses have been slow to embrace social media as a valuable marketing tool. This could serve to be advantageous for international brands looking to enter the market. Without surprise, the most popular activity online for UK Internet users, is to find information about goods or services that consumers want. So with a demand for information by consumers and a slow start by UK business, creating your social media presence is definitely something you need to jump on if you’re going to enter the UK market.

Networking is a great place to start. LinkedIn is always a strong site for professional networking, but check out Ecademy—they provide a great platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to connect, support, and transact with one another.

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2 Responses to “Social Media Across the Pond – United Kingdom”

  1. Adi Gaskell says:

    Personally I would use LinkedIn much more than Ecademy. Ecademy is great if you want to target sole traders, but for professional people LinkedIn is much better.

  2. Paul Profitt says:

    Speaking as a resident of the UK. I like Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube the best. Facebook gets a big thumbs down from me, because of all of their constant rule changes

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