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Sales is not about mo-ney, it’s about changing the world #tosellishuman

In my former post ‘How to get others buy into what you believe’, I shared that I am part of Daniel Pink’s launch team for his newest book: ‘To Sell is Human‘ that is available for sale today (December 31, 2012). I’m very grateful to be part of Dan Pink’s journey to get this book launched. I received a proof of the book a few weeks ago, and I have just finished reading the book today. There is a lot of value in this book.

What I liked about the book: You can’t talk about sales without discussing sales at auto dealerships, and the first few chapters of his book describe great in-depth stories on how old-school sales at auto dealerships happened, and what makes people successful today.

This book also has a few great exercises on how to tell if people are good sales people or not. The advantage is that many people have the skills to be good at sales. But the best part of the book is really the last few chapters that give a clear how-to on how to sell. Advice that is practical and gives direction to how to sell better, and at the same time it’s not a complicated check list to follow. It is based on skills that all people can obtain:

To Pitch, To Improvise, To Serve

We know the elevator pitch, in the book, Dan Pink offers a makeover to the pitch, and gives 6 different formats on how to pitch and a clear direction on how to create pitches that sell.

One of the pitch formulas (the Pixar Pitch) shown in the book To Sell is Human for the book itself:

“Once upon a time only some people were in sales. Every day, they sold stuff, we did stuff, and everyone was happy. One day, everything changed: All of us ended up in sales – and sales changed from a world of caveat emptor to caveat venditor. Because of that, we had to learn the new ABC’s – attunement, buoyancy, and clarity. Because of that, we had to learn some new skills – to pitch, to improvise and to serve. Until finally we realized that selling isn’t some grim accommodation to a merciless world of commerce. It’s part of who we are – and therefore something we can do better by being more human.” – To Sell is Human

To improvise is about collaborating with your conversation partner (your potential client? the person you are selling your story to?) to find opportunities to make each other look better. And the most valuable trait that I learned from the book and will transform my business is that its not just about serving my client; it’s about creating a better world.

If I can answer yes to the following questions after I had a good conversation with a client, then I know everything is worth it, and we make the world a better place! Try it for yourself:

  1. If the person you’re selling agrees to buy, will his or her life improve?
  2. When your interaction is over, will the world be a better place than when you began?
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One Response to “Sales is not about mo-ney, it’s about changing the world #tosellishuman”

  1. I like the title. “Sales is not about mo-ney, it’s about changing the world”. Everyone of us can be an entrepreneur, a salesperson but what differentiate us or you from others is your objective, your motive why you are selling. A good salesperson always considers the benefit of his customers. Sale must be a second priority. 🙂

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