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Right Your Wrongs: 4 Popular Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make -

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Right Your Wrongs: 4 Popular Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

4 Social Media MistakesMany companies have realized that they can reach their customers through social media, so they’ve taken the time to create accounts of their own. Some companies have a thorough understanding of social media and have found much success using various platforms. Other companies haven’t yet grabbed a hold of the purpose and are finding themselves drowning in a sea of social.

The reason these companies are having such a hard time finding success is because they are making major mistakes when it comes to social media. These companies haven’t yet realized that there are certain tactics that work and certain tactics that don’t work when it comes to social media, and the following are four mistakes businesses make on social media.

1. Thinking That It’s Actually Free

You’re right. It doesn’t cost money to sign up for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the rest of the social media sites that are available today. Once you’ve joined though, you will need to spend some money.

First, you will have to hire employees to maintain your social media accounts. If you plan on doing it yourself, you’ll need to hire someone to do your job then! Successful social media campaigns require constant attention and interaction, and if you don’t plan on making this type of commitment, you won’t be successful.

You’ll also need to invest in software or an outsourced team to monitor your social media accounts. Keeping an eye on what’s being said about your company through these channels is the best way to avoid any social media mishaps (think Domino’s and United Airlines).

2. Using It For Hard Selling

Social media is best used to build relationships with your current and prospective customers. It is not the place to try and hard sell your company’s products and services.

On social media, your customers want to get to know more about your company and how it works. They want to meet your employees and see how you interact on these channels. They want you to engage with them and provide them with useful information.

When you try and make a hard sale through social media, you are going to turn off your customers. They’re not going to be getting what they want, and they will easily stop following or liking your profiles.

3. Being Too Self-Absorbed

Just because it’s your social media account does not mean that all the information has to focus on your company. If every status update, video or image is about your business and why you’re so great, your customers are going to get tired of it.

Instead, share information about your neighborhood, your clients or links to great articles that you read. When you share the love, people will be more willing to read your posts.

4. Jumping On Every New Social Platform

There will always be a new social media site that you “have to” be a part of, but in reality, you don’t. When you sign up for every single social media account just because it’s out there, you’re easily going to wear yourself out quickly. You will not be able to accurately monitor and engage through all of these mediums, so why put yourself through the stress? Instead, pick one or two of the most important social media sites for your business and stick with them.

If you want your business to see social media success, you need to make sure that you’re not making one of these major mistakes. If you are, you need to fix it, because continuing down that path will not be beneficial for your business.

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2 Responses to “Right Your Wrongs: 4 Popular Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make”

  1. Great list, I’d like to point out another common mistake that I see businesses making. A lot of them aren’t consistent. Social media requires work, which means one or two updates a week is not going to cut it. Businesses need to be using social media daily to get the best results.

  2. Josh Tolan says:

    Great list! Engaging meaningfully on social media can be a tough thing for businesses to figure out. A great way to use social media is actually to utilize these services in the recruiting process. You can get to know candidates more fully faster than in the traditional hiring process. If you tweet about an open job or post a status on your company Facebook fan page, you’ll be receiving great applications and video resumes from interested candidates following your company already.

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