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Are you looking for a Facebook Advertising Management Tool? Qwaya [Review] -

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Are you looking for a Facebook Advertising Management Tool? Qwaya [Review]


Promoting Ads on Facebook gets easier and more efficient with, Qwaya, A new Facebook Ad management tool. What makes Qwaya stand out from other Facebook Ad management software platforms, is the combination of its analytic power and the ability to customize ads to split/ micro target your target audience. This combination of tools goes above and beyond what Facebook currently offers.

Ad Creation

When it comes to Ad creation, Qwaya makes things a breeze. For many, creating ads is a whole new concept and something that not many have much experience with. Which is what Qwaya takes into consideration for using their software.  When creating a new advertisement, you can select from a number of templates or create your own and reuse them in future campaigns.  Creating templates is easier then you can imagine. You can easily upload, save, and create your own library of photos to use over and over again for your ads.

Create Ads in Bulk

Ad CreationQwaya enables you to create multiple ads easily and quickly with its bulk creation feature. So say you need to push out a lot of ads in a short amount of time. Instead of logging into Facebook and doing each ad one by one you can just add all the titles, texts and photos, and Qwaya will combine them all to create a number of ad combinations for your campaign.

Edit Ads in Bulk

Need to edit your ads? Don’t want to do it one by one? Not a problem with Qwaya. With the multiple editing feature you can simply edit all of your ads at the same time or edit each one individually depending upon your campaigns.


Facebook Ad Split Targeting

Not only does Qwaya have templates for the creative side of ads, it also has them for the targeting side of your ad. With Qwaya, you can Split and even Micro target your ads to potential customers. Let me break that down for you so you understand the capabilities of Qwaya. First lets start with Split Targeting. Split Targeting allows you to target your audience by selecting cities, states, & countries and gives you the option to further refine your message according to categories such as education, interests, likes, demographics, martial status and employment. Then you can set the age group you would like to target and even divide age groups into periods of years to further optimize your ads. Split targeting is beneficial in discovering which ads work for which age groups so that you can adapt similar techniques to future ad campaigns.

Facebook Ad Micro targeting

With the Micro targeting feature, Qwaya allows you to be extremely specific in whom you advertise to. By creating your target groups, Qwaya will break those groups down even farther into smaller subgroups to help you specifically target the right people. From these smaller subgroups, Qwaya will take your multiple ads and make sure that each ad is shown to each subgroup, creating lots of specific ads that target all the groups you have made. Is it necessary to have all of this? Absolutely! By micro targeting to your audience you will better understand which target groups interact with your ads and be able to see which groups are converting the best!

Ad Analytics


Conversion Tracking

With all the ads you create, you are going to need a good system in place to monitor and track their progress. With Qwaya, you get all the analytics you can handle and then some. Qwaya supports goal and e-commerce tracking from Google Analytics and it offers its very own ad tracking analytics. Both can be used together to get the best results possible.

Graph your Ad Performance

Something that Facebook lacks is the ability to compare and graph things such as CTR, Clicks, and Impressions. With Qwaya you can compare three different metrics at a time per campaign or individual ad. Along with comparing three different metrics, you have the ability to compare up to 5 campaigns or ads simultaneously.

Keyword Analytics

Probably my favorite feature on the Qwaya Facebook Ad Management system is the keyword stats tool. With this tool you can track every keyword used in your ads to compare them to see which ones worked and which ones didn’t to better optimize your ads. This is the most overlooked feature and yet it is one of the most important. Keywords are crucial when it comes to ads, and know which ones will work and which ones wont is invaluable information.



If you want to get the better conversion rates on your Facebook Ads, then try out Qwaya. With the ability to create multiple advertisements while simultaneously tracking their conversion rates and performance, Qwaya has now enabled anyone and everyone with a credit card to become a Facebook Advertising expert.

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8 Responses to “Are you looking for a Facebook Advertising Management Tool? Qwaya [Review]”

  1. Paula Jomes says:

    Thank for the cue on the facebook manage tool, I am going to use it.

    • Thanks Paula! We love the tool, it saves a lot of time and makes Facebook Ad Management a lot easier. 🙂

  2. Jolean Rook says:

    Great article, staying informed about tools such as this one can make a huge difference to the success of a small business or Facebook newcomer. I recently wrote a similar article about the Top 5 Sites New Business Owners Must See – I’d love your feedback.



  3. Cedric Carr says:

    I have been looking for a system like this. Trying to create one ad at a time is very time consuming. This will help me out alot.

  4. Jeff says:

    This is not actually a review, this is just a promotion..basically this website is acting as a shill for the company

    There are SO many bugs the program it almost useless. Doing simple things like changing campaign daily budgets and pausing/playing campaigns is constantly causing the program to freeze up, reload it’s entire ad list, or not implement the desired value change. I can’t tell you how many times I clicked 3 or 4 campaigns in a group, hit the “play button” only to see the icon “refresh” back to the same exact same value it started at. Doing simple daily monitoring/maintenance to campaigns which should literally take 2 or 3 minutes takes 10 with qwaya.

    What is the point of having all these sophisticated features if you haven’t even figured out how to allow the user to make the most BASIC changes quickly and effectively?

    Until qwaya can figure out to make their program reliable in the most basic way, try something else if you don’t want to end up bashing your head against a cement wall in frustration

    • Jens says:

      @6f2f43f330657b0b920f94435dce69a3:disqus is it performing better now?

    • Hi Jeff, please contact Qwaya support if you have any issues. We’re not affiliated with Qwaya other than we are using the tool for our ad campaigns. I like the tool a lot, it’s very helpful especially if you want to split test campaigns. I don’t have the same issues as you do with the site, so I’d suggest contacting Qwaya to figure that out.


  5. tyrone says:

    I also have used qwaya to manage my FB ad campaigns, primarily because it was one of the most affordable solutions available back when I was originally searching for one years ago. However, it is by no means the most advanced or best solution for everyone. Today, there are a dozen or so other tools competing in this space each with there pros and cons. A couple others that I have recently tried and liked (especially from a price standpoint) include Adespresso and Catvertiser. Here is a list of the Top 10 Facebook Ad Management tools updated for 2015:

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