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Proximity Marketing for Retail Stores with Google Beacons -

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Proximity Marketing for Retail Stores with Google Beacons

If you have a retail store, you need to pay attention.
Wouldn’t you want to know who your customers are in your store? How they came to your store, and what they are interested in?
Wouldn’t you want to send them targeted messages while they are in the store, to improve their shopping experience? Lead them to offers, or targeted products that they are most likely interested in?
Then you have to stop and research Google Beacons.
Google Beacons is a new technology that can be a major benefit to implement in retail stores, from car dealerships, to hair salons, fashion stores, bakeries, and many more, is Google’s Beacons. is Proximity Marketing. Proximity marketing can improve the instore experience, improve the spend per customer and it can help attract more customers to the store.
How it works:
1. Get physical beacons and place them in strategic locations in the store, for example store entrance, at cash register, a product you want to promote, etc. A beacon costs $20-$50 per beacon (depends on volume, and strength of the signal). You could say that a beacon is a chip with a battery that sends out a signal.
2. Branding Personality can create a custom branded app (iOS and Android) that the customer can download when they go in the store (to get discounts/coupons, latest products, etc).
3. Branding Personality sets up campaigns for the stores (see underneath examples) to promote a product, a discount, or the store.
 Some ideas (these campaigns happen in the store, or in the near environment around the store):
Campaign Campaign Name Beacon Name
Campaign 1 – Send targeted offers 20% off on a product Womens Wear section
Campaign 2 – Help with new product promotion Just In: Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Game Electronics section
Campaign 3 – Attract new customers to the store Discover the latest fashion trends Store entrance
Campaign 4 – Send proximity marketing messages to audiences based on age/search criteria/etc near baby products Target New Moms Baby Section
Campaign 5 – Collect valuable feedback Customer Survey Cash Registers
4. When the customer has downloaded the app, the customer receives a message on their phone when they are in the store. The message can be targeted based on their age, demographic data, etc and also specific to the campaigns.
Optional App Add-ons:
* The customer can ask for immediate customer support by clicking in the app on getting free design help. The in store representatives can then go to the location of the customer and help the customer therefore improving the customer service.
* Integration with social media
Please contact us, if you’d like to get this implemented in your store.

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