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Personal vs Business Branding: Which one would you pick?

Personal BrandingOf late, you have the personal branding idea embarking in the business world. When you compare the personal vs. business branding, the former comes out to be a better deal in many ways. Personal branding is easier than the business one as it is managed single handedly. So if you think you have the skills, talent and ability, it is really easy to sell anything in the market. Your image or personal brand is already there in the market; all you need to do is simply promote your idea. However, business branding is considered to be a complex and time taking procedure. For smaller businesses, personal branding works better and faster than the other option. In fact, it helps you to build the business branding.

Authenticity factor

The factor of authenticity remains one of the major competitive benefits of personal branding. The personal branding authenticity refers to its level genuineness. When the authenticity development can be difficult for small businesses, larger business organizations find it impossible. However, smaller groups by adopting a couple of innovative ideas help them to appear more sincere to their potential buyers as compared to the larger companies. The best example of personal branding employed by small businesses is the use of personal stories in newsletter, blogs or ezines to connect with your subscribers and readers. Even larger business groups too are seen using this tool, a good example can be Mary Kay Cosmetics, the company which is known to have built its authenticity in the market on the authentic stories of its founder.

Magnetic personality

AuthenticityOn comparing personal branding with business branding, small business groups find easier to build their business around their unique personality. It is really difficult for big groups to extract all its multiple personalities in one magnetic unit. A magnetic personality is instrumental in attracting potential buyers. The same personality can amplify the probability of repeating follow-up business from your current buyers and thus alleviates the loss of potential buyer to your competitor.

By having a magnetic brand personality, you can help your small business group to build customer loyalty. Going out of the way proves out to be a good idea for personal branding at such places. It is an effective method to personalize the product or service and thus make it stand out. A majority of large size businesses or companies can have distinct benefits like production and unit costs; however, the customer service level often remains stagnant and impersonal.

Customer service

Personal branding proves out to be a better deal than business branding in terms of some specific success factors in any established market. They are generally more competent in delivering things fast and with true technical support. Also, small businesses are able to deliver far better personable customer service. Any efficient and smart small business groups easily manage precise relevant customer information along with order information. Any small business finds less challenging to establish and maintain market position and competitive advantage by rendering better and attractive customer warranties and guarantees as compared to the larger business groups. The other benefits include giving more personal care or quick delivery time that goes perfectly at the smaller businesses.

Though business branding can be seen with things like production and unit costs within its belts, however, personal branding comes with a couple of benefits which bigger groups can find challenging to adopt. The potential buyer power in this multifaceted business branding chain and competitive benefits cannot be over emphasized in personal branding especially when the competition is with big companies.


About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who enjoys writing on social media and tech the most. She recently read an article about the new discovery feature on twitter for android and is really excited about it. Being an eco enthusiast as well she is currently hunting for the best smartphone apps to monitor the energy use.

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6 Responses to “Personal vs Business Branding: Which one would you pick?”

  1. For the business I’m building, I’m going the route of personal branding and have been slowing cleaning up my online image so that I’m sharing consistent information (dog lover, pet blogger, LA rep) across all social networking sites.

    It’s been eye opening and I’ve seen small successes here and there and hope to see big ones soon!


    • Gareth Parkin says:

      Promotional gifts are a proven way in which to promote any business or organisation, whether large or small. With thousands of items to choose from there is always a product to meet any budget requirement. http://www.gopromotional.co.uk offer thousands of items to choose from and I have always found their service and price to be exceptionally favourable.

  2. Super post and topic. You don’t have to choose, and you shouldn’t choose. I think it’s important for small business owners to lead their ventures in ways that integrate *both* personal and business branding. As humans, we have limited lives, so there is a limit what our winning personalities can do on their own. We will die one day, and then, another person will be at the helm of the company. As we use our personal brands to build a business, we have to make sure that we are not the business model, and that we inject those more challenging business branding facets into the business so it can outlast us, and be strong and viable to serve future generations.

  3. I’ve recently started a new business in an industry I have been involved in previously. Social branding has become much more important and I have had to ask myself this question alot over the past few months.

    I want to show that as a person I am experienced in my industry (Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts) but also that my company can be trusted with it’s clients needs.

    At the moment I am pushing a personal approach on some sites whist pushing the business website http://www.zestpromotional.com on others.

    I don’t know whether it is the best way, but with everything else that needs doing on a day to day basis I am happy that further down the line I can re-focus down one route or the other knowing that I have put across a true and fair reflection of myself and my company.

  4. Drew Yujs says:

    A helpful notion indeed! New information has been added in my brain, thus you can also exploit the message of this post to think of ideas to make your business progress.

  5. Allen Robert says:

    In my views you must have a strong brand image for your small business because it will play and important role to communicate your core values, to stand out from the crowd and to increase customers loyalty. The inspiring examples you have shared are really great and we can get a lot of ideas from these inspirations.

    Branding Services fro Small Business

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