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People Don’t Like the new Facebook Updates

Facebook Gets a Big Thumbs DownAfter the revealing of the new Timeline feature by Facebook, I thought I was the only one who saw this as the craziest thing to come out in the social media word to date. Well it turns out that I wasn’t the only one. Yesterday, USA Today released numbers from a recent telephone poll in which they conducted based on the new updates to Facebook. According to the poll, which was administered to 2000 people across the U.S., 56% of Facebook users who knew about these new changes highly disliked them. Also, 26% of daily users were “extremely concerned” about their privacy on the site, while only 35% of weekly users were “extremely concerned” about their privacy.

Figures  that point to the fact that many people feel as though social media giant, Facebook, is getting way too personal and the information it is providing others just doesn’t seem necessary all the time. What ever happened to just chatting with friends and sharing interesting content such as websites, articles, and pictures. Why do we have to share our whole life’s story with the rest of the world?

Personally, the moment I find out about a new update to Facebook I immediately go to my settings to make sure that all my privacy settings are in place and that I am sharing only the information that I want too. Sometimes I feel like Facebook enjoys throwing in a curveball in to the mix just to distract people, but is this constant change really “bettering the experience” of Facebook or could it just be ruining it? Do you think that people will eventually get fed up with Facebook and leave for good to go to another social media platform? The numbers above don’t lie; People “Don’t Like” the new Facebook Updates constantly changing everything… When will Facebook Figure it out? Or do they even care?

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