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What are People Talking About with the New Facebook Analytics Tool?

With the new updates to Facebook, It comes as no surprise that Facebook would have to upgrade its analytics tools as well. In recent days Facebook has added a new tool to gauge how well Pages are doing. If you have noticed, underneath the amount of likes, you now see a new number beside the words “People Talking About.” This is basically a new way to show how well engaged people are with your page. It’s sort of like a content grader; the more engaging your content is the higher the rating you will receive. Facebook hopes that this will help page owners see how well they are doing with their content and motivate those with a lower score to make their Page more engaging to it’s fans.

Although it is not 100% sure if this will be the final name for the new tool, but for now it works for Facebook. The metric tool will measure fan activity related to the page that will include things like wall posts to the page, “liking”, commenting, sharing anything from the page, answering a question posed to the fans of the page, mentioning a page, and checking in at your Place.

The cool thing about the new analytics tool is that the brand new features are geared specificly for administrators and brand managers. It has two new things that have never been measured before; they are “Friends of Fans”, and “Weekly Total Reach.” Friends of Fans is just exactly what it sounds like, the actual number of friends that all of your fans have combined.  “Weekly Total Reach” is an accurate assessment of how many total people have posted something about the page, how many pages within Facebook have mentioned it and how many things on your page have gotten viral exposure.

Facebook also has been tracking every post that has been published on each page, dating back till July. They plan on listing your last 500 posts in order to get more accurate analytics and dig deeper to understand how well your page or brand is doing. I’m excited to see how well these analytics will help brand mangers look at the health of their page and how people will react to the numbers that represent what “People Talking About.”

What are your takes on the new analytics features that Facebook has coming out? Do you think they will be significant? If so do you think it will help to make better decisions about content and engagement? I would love to hear what “People are Talking About” with these new analytic tools.

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