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Lead Tracking System -

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Lead Tracking System

Keep track of all your leads through the web and phone. Collaborate. Automate. Close more deals.

Note: this is a monthly charge. Setup is included for supported systems*

Note: The Lead Tracking System is included for Pay per Click and Website clients.

*Supported systems: custom PHP solutions and websites. ASP has limited support. In all cases we need FTP access. We reserve the right to charge more for complex integrations.

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Delegate leads to other people in your company. Never forget to follow-up with the automatic follow up emails which are sent on the due date.
See the day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month statistics. Find trends and act accordingly.
Lead Sources:
Get an insight on the different lead sources to direct your time and energy to the most successful ones.
Manage leads:
Get a direct overview of all the active leads. View, edit, archive or mark them.
Status/Notes history:
Keep track of the client’s history with a log per lead. Add notes per lead and change the status.
Auto Responders:
Send out an automatic personalized follow up email, a specific time after setting a specific status. Keep in contact with your potential client to close more.
Use the standard statuses that have been proven to work within other businesses or feel free to customize your statuses to your preference. You can change the name and number of statuses in different categories.
Multi User:
Get multiple users in your company working on the leads. Keep track on who did what and when.
Get standard reports with excel export. We can add customized reports for your company.
Spam filter:
(optional) $15 per month. Proven dynamic online spam filter system in use by millions of blogs and websites around the world.
Export to CRM:
With 1 click you can save your lead to your CRM solution. We currently support SalesForce.com
Newsletter integration:
If you so choose to, we can automatically add a potential client to your newsletter database (double opt-in). We currently support MailChimp.com
Call Tracking:
Automatically tracks all the calls for the dedicated phone number on your campaign. Currently callfire.com and dial800.com are supported.

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