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Klout Perks: How to Get Them

Now that you have an understanding of what Klout is, lets talk more about these perks and how to acquire them. (Please refer back to the last post on Klout, entitled Klout: What’s your Score? if you don’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about.) Now that you know what your score is, lets see if you qualify for some free stuff.



A common misconception by new users to Klout, is that only those with higher scores get all the benefits. Wrong! This is entirely untrue. Klout offers perks to its users who are in the best overall position to speak about a product or service to an engaged and interested audience. In some cases, those people will have high scores, but just as many people with lower scores get perks too. It’s all about how much influence you have on a relevant topic/product.

What topics do you Influence on?

The topics in which you know and share a lot of information about are the ones that help Klout determine which perks are right for you. The greater knowledge you have on a topic, the more likely you will receive benefits based on something within that topic. Klout has also just released the +K system, where users can give their peers +K based on the topics in which they have influenced them on. The more you check your topics page and ask friends for more +K on those topics, the more Klout will offer you perks based on those topics.

Location, Location, Location

Another major factor that Klout looks at when determining which Perks you qualify for is, Location. Location is key for Klout, because you’re most likely influential about things in your area. For example, If I’m looking for a good Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, I am more likely going to listen to my friend that lives there rather than one that is far removed from there. The more you check-in to places on social media, the more Klout knows about where you like to hang out and what you like to do and will focus more specific perks for you based on your habits,

Focused Perks

Lastly, Klout isn’t one of those websites that offers daily deals.  There is already a bunch of annoying ones out there for that. Klout really strives on providing the right perks to the right person at exactly the right time, and they work at perfecting it every day. They do a really good job at targeting the right influential people to help promote various products. If you haven’t gotten a perk yet, that’s fine, it just means you need to become more social on topics in which you know decent amount on.

So our advice is to get out there and share information with your friends and engage in conversations on the topics that interest you. Remember its not how many followers, but the quality of your followers!


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2 Responses to “Klout Perks: How to Get Them”

  1. I’m not convinced this will work. Do good social influencers really want to undermine their credibility by promoting products and services from companies? This is another attempt to market products by manipulating the information out there. I certainly don’t believe this could work in the world of private number plates. And I doubt it works well in other industries.

  2. Gillian says:

    I heard about this on NPR 🙂 very interesting!

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