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Importance of a Content Calendar

With social media marketing on the rise, the demand to push new and relevant content out to communities is in high demand. The biggest problem for most small businesses is coming up with the content. For many companies, the problem lies in not having a strategy in place. This is where a content calendar comes in handy.

A Content Calendar not only helps brainstorm important topics to talk about, but also helps you to organize these thoughts logically. This helps to create some sort of a strategy, which you can follow in order to deliver your content to the masses.  The easiest way to develop a content calendar in my opinion is to take a solid 15-20 minutes and just write down a bunch of different topics that you would like to talk about with your audience.  From here you can organize these topics into categories and even plan out certain themes for certain days, weeks, or months. For example, every Friday you could post a restaurant review of some of the places you have recently eaten at and then maybe on Saturdays you can post ideas of what to do for the weekend.

If you have some sort of an idea of what you want to talk about, it makes it much easier to find relevant content to write about and share. Just sitting down at the computer and trying to find something relevant right away can take a lot of time out of your day and might not generate the engagement you were looking for. By taking the time to create a calendar, you take the burden of being stressed out about getting content out right away and can relax a bit and fully think through what it is you want to share.

Also, by creating a content calendar in advanced, you basically have a plan of action for the course of the next month or so. If you already know what content you want to share on specific days, you can simply schedule it ahead of time with tools such as Media Feedia or Hootsuite. (These can be found at http://www.mediafeedia.com and at http://www.hootsuite.com) By taking one day a month to sit down and plan out the rest of the month, social media marketing can be simple and hassle free. Once you’ve fully created the content calendar and scheduled your posts, you can sit back without worry and just respond to those incoming comments, likes, and tweets!

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One Response to “Importance of a Content Calendar”

  1. I have been involved in a blog which did not have one but had a ton of writers. Needless to say there was not organization and the editor wound up being busted for plagiarism from the organization he claimed to be a fan of.

    You have to have an editorial calender especially if you have multiple writers and even though the subject might be the same the content could be radically different. I am a strong advocate for one and believe it is neccesariy even if your blog is just a passion and hobby.

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