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How to Stay Positive About Social Media Marketing -

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How to Stay Positive About Social Media Marketing

Do you often have difficulty in sharing your message through the myriad of social media outlets that exist today? Does your brand’s Facebook account receive little to no posts? Not to worry; this actually happens to many brands using different social media platforms. While it is easy to assume that this makes your brand a failure on the social media scene that is typically untrue. In fact, you may be getting a lot more attention than you realize.

In your opinion, what is the best way for a start-up company to get good business or traffic? If you responded with “word of mouth,” you are correct. If you can, try to forget the individual retweets or reblogs you receive (or do not receive). Instead, try to look at the bigger picture. What is your brand accomplishing through simply having and sharing a Twitter or Tumblr account?

The Ripple Effect

One downside to this is that it is seemingly difficult to evaluate your brand’s progress. While page views can help you a little bit on the actual site, they still don’t tell you everything you need to know. More often than that, one of your Twitter followers will bring up your brand in a company meeting, with a co-worker, or in an e-mail. As the creator of the content, you don’t always get to see the ripple effect that your content has.

The ripple effect begins when you put your content out there to be viewed by an audience. Maybe a dozen people will share your content directly through your site (via Twitter, Facebook, and others), and their friends will see it. Perhaps those people will tell other people, and so on. Soon enough, plenty of people are sharing and discussing your content without your even knowing about.

Although we live in a very digital world, people still prize personal, face to face interactions over anything else. This is also true in the business world. Remember this and let this encourage you to produce even better content than you are already producing.

Through this more personal type of sharing, people will begin to know and recognize your brand. This will help you to stick out from all the other posts that the average Twitter or Facebook user sees on any given day.

Build Relationships

Although they may not purchase anything from you, people viewing your brand’s site will help to build a relationship. They will trust you more as they get to know your brand’s persona and your reputation with their friends and coworkers. Many start-ups have received business proposals from people who only followed them on Twitter or Facebook. In many cases, these people may not have ever retweeted anything that the brand posted, but they still kept track of them. This will probably be the case for your brand as well. What you post may not be directly relevant to what your followers need at that exact time, yet they will remember the image that your brand put out. This produces admiration, which can then lead to business deals.

In order to keep on top of this type of social networking, try taking a broad look at all of your social media accounts. Look at your last ten posts on Facebook. Are they sending out the reputation you want your brand to have? If not, get to work on changing that. Once you do, you can rest assured that more followers will be more interested in what you have to say.

Blogger Logan Clement works for Subtle Network Design & Marketing, a Clearwater SEO and marketing firm. He enjoys helping clients find the hidden joys of social media marketing.

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2 Responses to “How to Stay Positive About Social Media Marketing”

  1. Adi Gaskell says:

    You need something you can measure though, otherwise you’ll never know whether what you’re doing is worthwhile.

    I seriously think that with social media, there are soooo many platforms out there, and still a large degree of cynicism at senior management level over its effectiveness, that it’s best to start on one platform.

    Pick the platform that allows you to solve the thing that hurts your customers the most, and solves it in the place they’re most likely to be. Don’t feel compelled to follow the crowd and join every network that appears on TechCrunch. Instead do one thing really well, and prove that it’s adding value to your business.

    Then you can build on that by trying to solve your customers next biggest problem safe that senior management will now know it works and hopefully give you the support and resources to grow things.

  2. Cherry says:

    Nice post, and especially helpful comment from Adi Gaskell. I think it’s really important to be able to focus a social media campaign and not feel too compelled to join every single social network. I also agree that while measurements aren’t EVERYTHING, that they’re valuable in their own right and should be at least acknowledged, especially for the customer’s sake (so they know you’re helping them). A bit more here on building relationships: http://www.bigbadbulldog.com/blog/bid/156128/Social-Media-Fans-and-Followers-the-Quantity-vs-Quality-Quandry

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