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How to Make Pay Per Click Programs Work

One of the most common misconceptions regarding pay per click campaigns is that they are a sure way to boost your sales. Well, I hate to burst your bubble but this is not really the case at all. Like any other Internet marketing, PPC will only work when it is applied correctly. PPC is a tool; it can secure a place in major search engines such as Google and Yahoo so people can easily see your website but it does not automatically convert them into your customers.

Each click will be charged, regardless if the person who clicked it is interested or not. It is your job to ensure that the people who will click your ad are curious about what you have to offer so you are not wasting your money. You also have to make sure that the conversion rate is higher.

The Right Landing Page

Before you begin your PPC ads, make sure that you have a great landing page. A landing page is where the prospect client will be taken to right after clicking your sponsored link. It is crucial that you make it attractive and interesting. It is advisable that you have several kinds of landing pages to suit the kind of niche that you are targeting so you can have a higher conversion rate.


Truly Interested Searchers

It is of utmost importance that you only target the ones who are really interested in what you have to offer. These are the people who are truly searching for something. These are not some kind of “searchers” that will click your site just so they can earn a couple of cents. So be wary and stay cautious because you can get a thousand clicks without having any prospects in the end.


Discovering the Key

The one thing that you need to understand is that the landing page is not the place where you put your products and services. It is a web page that consists of all the things that you can offer for free. This is the secret behind Internet marketing success. As soon as you have their attention, don’t let them slip away by offering them valuable freebies that can be useful to them such as an eBook, video tutorials, etc. This will make them realize how much they truly need your product.


Use the RSS Auto Responder and Feeder

When offering these freebies, make sure you use RSS auto responder and feeder so that you can be in contact with them on a regular basis.


Be clear about your intentions.

It is essential that you don’t mislead any of your prospects into believing that you would only provide free stuff when in fact, you will be selling them things in the future. Be very explicit by telling them that you will be giving them regular updates and information about your products and/or services (just make sure you send them high quality content that can really help them with what they need), and if they want more out of it, they can always purchase your products at a very reasonable rate.

These are the things that can make your PPC campaign work. It is all about targeting the right niche, creating a hub that is specifically designed to attract your prospects, offering a taste of your amazing services, and helping them to ultimately realize how much they need you.

Sachin is a veteran blogger who takes interest in social media and online marketing. He has largely contributed in a lot of companies, which include PPC Nottingham as well as copywriting services and web design.

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5 Responses to “How to Make Pay Per Click Programs Work”

  1. Valera says:


    I believe that i finally learned what “Be clear about your intentions.” means.

    I now rather get less traffic and use an exact $ in my adwords but have good conversions, then get less traffic and worse conversions. I believe if you be upfront with the customer, then you get a better customer!

  2. Sinnary Sam says:

    Great article, I have always been afraid of PPC because of the high expense. From what you explain with who we target, that should help people understand the importance of narrowing it down so they aren’t paying for the wrong leads.

  3. Very great content, thanks for the ideas. Very very good. I will implement some of these strategies

  4. anoop kumar reddy says:

    Thanks for the great information provided in your article

  5. Val Johnson says:

    If your Adwords PPC campaigns aren’t working, I recommend getting an audit of your campaign. I know RDM does them free, just call 888-652-5623.

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