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How To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Increase Your Twitter Followers

Increase Your Twitter Followers

Alongside Facebook, Twitter is the largest, most impactful of the social networking sites that are slowly taking over the world. Whether you are a private user or a business service, Twitter has become an essential platform for speaking your mind and making yourself heard. But finding people to follow you is not always an easy task. Luckily, there are a couple of ways in which you can make sure that your tweets reach a bigger audience. You need to keep your tweets:

  • Relevant and informative (particularly for businesses)
  • Current and in touch with world events
  • Witty and engaging

There is nothing more frustrating than random Twitter updates. I don’t really care if MissTeen64 is eating sushi. Businesses that tell me they are having a great Monday will not grab my attention or my money. Try to keep your tweets informative and relevant. If your branch is having a sale, tweet about it. Tell the people what you need them to hear. This positive advertising and useful information will spread, and lead to new followers and turnover. If you use Twitter to voice your opinion or express yourself, then do so. What’s the point of telling people what you had for lunch? The vehicle is there for you to take a stand, crack a joke, or spread information. If you want more visitors, try taking that approach.

Twitter gives businesses and individuals alike the chance to engage with a huge global audience in real time. In order to keep up and grow your following, tweet about things that are affecting you and your community now. If you continue tweeting about your family holiday in 1986, you simply won’t be exciting enough to attract more followers. Talking about the passing of Steve Jobs, or South Africa denying the Dalai Lama a visa will get you noticed, especially if you are one of the first ones sharing the news. Unlike the Facebook community, Twitter is first of all made up of individuals interested in your content, they aren’t always your friends, so if you want to make a name for yourself, keep with the times.

Finally, even though Twitter is essential a tool for spreading news, information and opinions, there is no reason why your tweets need to be drab and formulaic. A witty outlook is sure to get you noticed. Make use of your limited characters in a clever, witty way if you want more followers. A bit of humor really goes a long way!

This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria. She is currently learning about Business Credit Cards and credit card articles.

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15 Responses to “How To Increase Your Twitter Followers”

  1. Jorgen Poulsen says:


    nice article but I think it’s wrong to suggest that a twitter can’t tweet ‘I’m eating sushi’. People can use twitter however they want. If you don’t like what they tweet then unfollow them as twitter is not all about business.

    I also disagree that you can’t have friends on twitter.

    Perhaps you could share with us why you think twitter is all about business.

    • Hi Jorgen,

      I agree with you Jorgen, you can tweet whatever you want, but if we look at generating followers, Victoria is right in saying that those tweets typically aren’t the ones that get you new followers. But if you share interesting content or engaging tweets, people do follow you.


  2. Jorgen Poulsen says:

    Hi Marieke,

    hmmm… how do you know what kind of followers a person who is tweeting ‘I’m eating sushi’ wants? Just because you wouldn’t follow the person doesn’t mean that others won’t.

    So if Mari Smith tweeted ‘I’m eating sushi’ which she might actually then Victoria and you would unfollow her or not follow her?

    • Hi Jorgen, If you are selling Sushi or sell to an audience that eats sushi, it might be very valid content. I will say that if someone wants to follow Mari Smith, they aren’t going to follow her more or less because she just shared that she ate sushi, I’d think.

      I think sharing that she eats sushi might be great content to network with her audience. For example, if I am eating sushi right now and Mari Smith just tweets that she eats sushi, I will feel an immediate connection because of her sharing this. So for relationship building it will help, but it’s not relevant for getting new followers.

      And I think if you take it to the extreme, and Mari Smith would only share where she is eating and what she is eating, not many people will follow her because of her social media & Facebook knowledge. Whereas if she is sharing relevant information about Facebook, she will increase her followers that are interested in that, and ultimately that is how she makes money; not by eating sushi in a restaurant. 🙂

  3. Jorgen Poulsen says:

    Hi Marieke,

    I guess I need to state it bluntly so there is no misunderstanding. I tweet several hundred times a day. It’s all strictly social media. If one of my friends asks me what I am doing and i reply (not DM) ‘I’m eating sushi’ and somebody decides to extrapolate from one tweet that I’m not worth following that would be pretty stupid.

    My point is that you can’t decide whether to follow somebody based on one tweet. You never tweet something that is not strictly business?

    • Hi Jorgen,

      I agree. People shouldn’t look at one tweet alone to decide on following you. But they won’t look at more than 10 tweets either. So, if the last 10 tweets are all about food, it wouldn’t reflect your knowledge and capabilities and will give a wrong reflection of who you are.

      I am not saying you shouldn’t tweet ‘I eat Sushi’ posts at all, but you want to make sure that you are intentional with every tweet you send out. Some people loose focus, and their tweets go all over the place. And frankly, if you can add a more clever remark to the I eat Sushi post, it will generate more traction.

      Does an ‘I eat sushi’ post get you more followers? I don’t think so.
      Does it hurt your brand if you post it? I don’t think so either, just balance content with tweets with more beef. 🙂

    • BTW I do tweet things that are not strictly business, those tweets show my personality. I totally belief thats cool and will help you get more engagement with your audience, so I do think they are important.


  4. Victoria says:

    It was not meant to be as in debt as you took it. Instead this article is geared toward those who use Twitter in a professional manner to understand that irrelevant tweets are not going to attract new followers. The tweets should be geared towards your audience unless your followers are people that you actually know.

  5. knikkolette says:

    As someone who started out on Twitter “back in the day” tweeting random stuff and got plenty of followers that way, building relationships and now, have 2 accounts being more focused with the way I tweet, and not quite so random with my tweeting, I can see both sides of the Tweeting fence. There are many types of Twitter personalities and it depends on who your target market is, whether you want to focus on business or just have fun with it and have friends online. That being said (playing devil’s advocate) I have to say, I closed more business being random and tweeting with my friends regularly than being focused on business… but – to be fair… I have not been focused as long as I was random… Who knows… I may be too focused and not have enough of my personality in my tweets. It seems to have turned into a science – I liked it when it was simple.

  6. Nate Garrett says:

    All in all this post was about increasing your followers not Twitter etiquette. She is right that the Sushi comment will not generate followers. There are certain keywords that are the least likely to get retweeted. Among these are goodnight & eating.

    The point is that Facebook views itself as a social media site and Twitter does not. It is information sharing. However you can use it for whatever you want just like you can use a fork to comb your hair. It still works, but thats not what is was made for.

  7. Jamie Roche says:

    It seems that the key might be to do your best to consider how “your audience” will respond to a particular tweet. Keeping your tweets all business can create a dull stream. Tweeting “we just updated our product” then “I love Hotdogs” may be too wide a range to be of interest to your followers. It is not a bad idea to have more than one account if you plan to communicate about more than one range of topics.

  8. FutureTricks says:

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  11. Raja Singh says:

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