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How To Get Your Website Found Online

Branding PersonalityOnline marketing has taken over the world of advertising, and if you really want your business to get noticed, you need to have an attractive, evocative website. But what about online marketing of websites? How do you go about attracting attention to yet another website amidst the sea of competition? Here are a few guiding principles that can help you keep your website in the hunt and attracting all the attention that you can handle.

Creative Content

The first vital thing about marketing your website is to make sure that it in some way different from all of the rest. This follows the business principle that you cannot market rubbish. When you design your website, always focus on the target market. Ponies and cartoons will not help you sell golf clubs. Make your site visually appealing, interactive, and tasteful. There are millions of boring websites that lose business purely because the user loses interest. Make it interesting and you will immediately get more followers and return visits.

Restraint and Balance

It is important to have a website that is fun and different, that will attract the kind of prospective customer or user that you want, but balance is also important. All too often, web site designers try too hard to create great site, and the navigation and content is lost. Remember that you are marketing something, and it needs to be clear what that something is. When you consider marketing your website, test it out on a group of your friends. Try to make the group as diverse as possible, as this will more accurately reflect the world of the web. Get their opinions, and make adjustments to the layout of your site so that it is perfect for you and your business.

Backlinks and SEO

The above guiding principles are great, but there is a far more direct way to market your website – namely backlinks and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These are marketing tools designed specifically for the internet.

SEO refers to the process whereby analysts go through user search habits, and proceed to design and place ads for companies in the places that they need. For example, if you have a business that sells toys, every time someone searches toys, playing, entertaining kids and so on, an advert for your website, or a link to it, will pop up at the top of the list. Backlinking works the same, and creates links between related pages. This promotes traffic between both sites, and hopefully, generates interest and income.

This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria. She is currently learning about the Canadian Medical Directory and the Canadian Insurance Directory.
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3 Responses to “How To Get Your Website Found Online”

  1. Great info. Many people don’t realize how important backlinks are.

  2. Just now listening to a great webinar with Joost (Yoast) and Leslie Rohde and Dan Thies about SEO. I will conquer this. That is my new mantra for 2012.

  3. Jessemundo says:

    SEO is the tool kit, so to speak, used to optimize the inherent data of each page of your site to make it most visible to search. Advertising is key in SEM – Search Engine Marketing. SEO and SEM are distinct and equally valuable disciplines, but optimizing a site’s content and associated meta data (SEO) is a great first (and cheaper than ads- SEM) option..

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