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How to Engage Customers and Employees When Building Your Brand


Are you on the Mike Teavee Channel?

Last week I saw Scott Stratten speak at a LinkedOC event in Irvine. If you ever get the chance to see Scott speak, please do as he is awesome, engaging, and intelligent.

Scott’s new book is called The Book of Business Awesome and it’s about engaging your customers and employees so your business can thrive.

A lot of companies are not awesome. A lot of companies are a lot like Mike Teavee, the TV addict in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who eventually gets shrunken because he wouldn’t listen to anyone.

The Mike Teavee Channel

Mike Teavee is only focused on what’s on the TV in front of him. He watches and watches, with no interaction. He just moves on to the next program. He is unaware of his external environment, what people are saying about him, and oblivious to what is actually happening around him. He is so focused on the TV in front of him, he’s unable to react when events unfold in real life.

Many organizations have turned into Mike Teavee. They are so focused on what they want to do, how they can cut costs, and perfecting their internal operations and tactics, that they forget there is an entire world of customers and potential customers talking about them and WANTING to interact with them.

What’s on the Mike Teavee Channel

Benjamin Franklin said, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

See this example 

And this example 

And this one 

Mike Teavee is the poster child of the disengaged company – only concerned with what it wants, ignoring all outward signs of trouble, and then quick to blame others when something goes wrong.

There is no shortage of programming on the Mike Teavee channel.

Is this the only channel we get?

Companies who don’t pay attention will quickly find themselves surprised by customer complaints, embroiled in product controversy, and find profits sinking. If you’re not interested in your customers’ ideas and insights, they will quickly realize it , and winning new customers and retaining old customers will become more difficult.

Change the Channel!

Stop watching the Mike Teavee channel and start paying attention to employees, customers, and the world. Your customers have the power to learn information as events happen; if you’re not doing the same, you’ll be behind. It’s not enough to blame the economy, poor management, or slow operations. Customers can see through those excuses, and they’ll immediately know you’ve been on the Mike Teavee channel.

At the end of  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mike Teavee’s dad says he is going to “throw the tv out the window” when they get home. Throw out your symbolic TV and watch what your customers are doing. You will learn a lot and will find new ways to attract new customers and keep your best ones.

Lori Johnson (@BPLoriJ) is the Customer Experience Manager at Branding Personality. Her favorite TV show of all time is The Simpsons.  





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