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How to Cultivate Engagement and Reach with Sprout Social -

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How to Cultivate Engagement and Reach with Sprout Social

It is Monday, and after the long weekend your social media is waiting for you at the door when you get to work, like that lost puppy without a collar, begging for a little attention. After a few days of neglect, your social media has started to look like the feral, untamed beast you started with. You sit at your desk feeling a bit overwhelmed. You ask yourself: where to begin?!

The answer: invest in Sprout Social.

As a one-stop social shop, Sprout Social helps users stay connected with the various social media platforms they currently utilize. In working with Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, LinkedIn and more, Sprout Social focuses on engagement and personal branding to help your business become a constant, vibrant billboard on social media’s highway. Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

The Home Page

After setting up your account, the first thing you should do is check out your homepage.

This is a great place to start because it will give you immediate trend and demographic reports that can provide great insight on who your audience is, and how effectively you are engaging with them. Maybe you find out that your page attracts more men than women, or maybe you will realize that the engagement summit you thought you’d never reach is actually closer than you thought. Again, this is only the home page, and only scratches the surface of Sprout Social, but it will provide you with a quick glimpse of your social media success.

Next, it’s time to communicate with all those followers you accumulated over the long weekend.

Messages: @mentions, @replies and thank-you’s

As we begin to stack our social media profiles like pancakes, it becomes a little difficult to keep our social syrup from running all over the place. In order to make sure you are keeping in touch with all of your followers and supporters, it is crucial to visit the Messages section of Sprout Social, which will give you a clear-cut display of who has recently followed you, and who is talking about you on social media via @mentions, @replies and retweets.

What is great about this setup is that it will tell you all of your latest social engagements, from who is following you on Twitter to who is talking about you on Facebook. By going down the list, you can make sure to address any questions followers have posed, can retweet relevant information, and can reach out to your most recent fans by sending thank-you tweets or personalized Facebook posts.

What is also great about the messages section is that you can specifically tell Sprout Social what kind of interactions will appear on the screen. You will notice on the right hand side of the page that there are checkmarks next to the engagement boxes you want Sprout Social to inform you about. By specifically tweaking your messages page, you make sure you are notified when your followers are engaging with you through your various social media pages and profiles.

Scheduling Social Media Content

One of Spout Social’s greatest features is its Scheduler page. The scheduler allows users to schedule their social media content, which is great when you don’t have the time to constantly monitor your social media. Instead of getting on five or ten times a day to send a tweet, or to put out some quality Facebook posts, you can wake up in the morning with your cup of coffee and schedule all the content you want to run for the day, or the week, or even the month (though we don’t suggest scheduling too far; social media evolves, and sometimes your content must adapt to the lightning-strike changes). This is a great tactic when producing content, because once all of your tweets and posts and status updates are scheduled, you can focus on engagement levels, and making sure you are interacting properly with your followers and fans.

Track Your Progress with Reports

The Reports page is where you really need to spend some quality time.

From basic trend and demographic reports like those found on the home page, to more detailed, competitive insights regarding lead generation, contact management, and intuitive analytics, the reports section really delivers the kind of information that will greatly increase your social media knowledge, fan engagement, and overall reach.

It is extremely important to monitor the results of your social media campaign to make sure you are not wasting time coming up with content that doesn’t work. With reports, you can make sure you have a firm understanding of your following, from their age to the types of content they engage with, and can find out where your content is being shared in the social world. Understanding your social successes and failures is key when cultivating a proper, well-rounded social media presence; and Sprout Social provides you with the easy-to use tools to give your social profiles the transcendent lift they have been looking for.

So do not be afraid of the lost social media puppy on your Monday doorstep. Grab your Sprout Social collar and tame your social media profiles so that they act like the engagement happy, awareness generators they were intended to be. Branding starts with simple day-to-day conversation, and Sprout Social will become the advocate your business needs to break the threshold of social media success.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Sprout Social, Jordan! Happy to hear you’ve been enjoying the application.

    • Hi Brittany-

      Indeed, I utilize Sprout Social on a daily basis and absolutely love it. Thanks for reading the article….glad you enjoyed it!

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