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How to Create Compelling Facebook and Twitter Promos -

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How to Create Compelling Facebook and Twitter Promos

Promotions help to draw in more subscribers to both your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You want your promos to increase your “Likes” and “Followers” but you have to do this in a compelling way so that you don’t just get likes just to be ‘unliked’ soon after the promo is over.

There are people who join promo’s routinely without really caring for the product or the brand. You need to be able to weed out or at least minimise occurrences like that.

Use Facebook For Detailed Posts

Facebook is excellent for detailed posts that exceed the character limitation of 140 (for Twitter). Posting of photos and multimedia assets work best for Facebook and detailed messaging is also expected from it.

When creating promos for Facebook, make sure to take advantage of its multimedia capability and incorporate your product into. Some examples are:

  • Ask fans to participate in your promotion by having them tag their photos to your Business Page
  • Create a promotion that involves referrals of friends to your Facebook Page
  • Create Facebook games that you can incorporate into your landing page. The highest daily score wins a prize

It is best to launch a new product or update shortly after a promotion since this is when you have your new audience’s attention.

Use Twitter For Fast Updates

Maximize Twitter’s speed by using that as the main theme of your Twitter promos. Quick replies that can easily be sent as SMS (since other countries have Twitter SMS integration) are your best bet. Some examples are:

  • Race to tweet the right answer to certain pop questions
  • Race to retweet your byline

Remember that answers must be short and easy to key in since twitter is hugely a mobile interaction. Even if there are some accounts that access it via the web, most of Twitter users update and post tweets via mobile.

Choose Your Account Name Wisely

Incorporate the location of your product in your account name to verify the account. It is so easy to create an “MTV” account in Twitter so you can add the words “official”, “online”, “US” etc. so that you can easily distinguish your account from other accounts.

No abbreviations of product names but at the same time, nothing too long or else it will be difficult to search for. Remember that spaces aren’t allowed for usernames.

Man The Accounts 24/7

After setting up your promotions and accounts, make sure that your social media accounts are manned 24/7. It does not have to be manned by the same person, as long as they maintain the same “online personality”. You should be able to reply to tweets the fastest so 24/7 Internet connection via mobile preferably, is needed for your Twitter account.

Remember that promotions must reach a wide market and relate to your brand. You don’t want people to join for the sake of joining only to leave your account after the promo has ended. Ask your prize winners to post photos of their prizes on Facebook and Twitter so that other users can see that you really rewarded winners and therefore build some credibility.

Before you start your promotion, ask around for the best Facebook and Twitter activities so that you can get inspiration from them. Ask your friends for their favourite ones or surf the internet for the “best of” list within your region. This will give you an idea on what works for a particular target market and what won’t.

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  1. these are awesome tips.. we preach how important twitter is for your business but you can’t just spam with it you have to engage your followers!

  2. Sonia says:

    Hi Marieke,

    I don’t know If you have heard about Hisocial, it’s a new tool to create promos on Twitter and Facebook, maybe you can give it a try

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