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How To Create A Community Around Your Blog -

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How To Create A Community Around Your Blog

5428414543_d444592b7cThe success of your blog is often synonymous with your reputation in social media. Building a community is what each of us seeks to do these days. Your community-building goals differ from your blogging goals. In other words: A business blog has goals, which are different from those of a personal blog. Building an audience or a community is the requirement that all such goals have in common. Here we’ll shed some light on several techniques to help you build your community and stay in touch with your audience.

ConnectConnect with others
Building a community is not about adding a list of people to your social setup. It requires consistent activity, promotion of your blog through different techniques, and generation of responses to the work of others. You shouldn’t be a ‘read my blog’ person all the time within your community. Instead, you should keep posting your ideas, responses to events, and quotes of others, in combination with extracts from your blogs. This will compel your contacts to click on your blog’s link and learn more about the topic. You should interact with your readers, and throw questions in your posts that will solicit responses and initiate fruitful discussions.

Post Excerpts from Your Blog – Come Forward With Quality Content
Within your community, keep posting excerpts from your blog, news, and tips, so that your audience can link to the actual blog. No matter how much effort you invest in promoting your blog, it’s the content that determines whether your visitors will return to you. The content of your blog should be informative and extracted from authentic sources. They say blogs are about content, content, and content. Building a good store of information behind the scenes and allowing your audience to explore surely helps. The subject you pick to write about should not be a worn out one, neither should it be the tips that you share on a forum. In any case, be informative and distinct in your style.

show concernShow Concerns for Your Readers
Your concern for your readers is one of the factors that compels them to stay in touch with your writing. If they find your content highlighting the issues they face and raising the questions they need to discuss, you don’t need to ask them “Please have a look at my new post.” Posting questions, answering the comments of others and inviting conversations have all been the best tools to expand interactions so far. This doesn’t imply that you should be posting frequently, for instance, every hour or so. Avoid too much and too little posting to your social platforms, but don’t miss a single day of posting, responding, and asking your audience about everything that relates to your blog.

Explore, Share, and Accept Tips
It gives your readers a sense of ownership when you allow them to post their ideas and blog on your website. Also, the tips you share within your blog work, especially if you share tips within your social network, evoke the interested readers’ curiosity to go through the entire piece of writing. While you allow others to post on your website, don’t forget to check the content before it’s actually published. Don’t allow any content that negates the standards of blogging.

Connecting and Sharing PointsIncrease Connecting and Sharing Points
Providing multiple avenues for your desired audience to join your community is a technique every professional blogger is aware of. Create as many connecting points to your community and blogging as you can handle. Blogs, forums, newsletters, and other ideas your creative mind can suggest are all valuable in this regard. Placing social share buttons on your blog posts will help your readers share the content they like, so they’ll spread your message to those who are not on your list already.

Last But Not Least
Reply to the feedback of your readers and provide them with an opportunity to deliver feedback. Whether it is negative or positive, you need to respond in your distinct style and learn from criticism.


Rob Greenberg wrote this guest post for Branding Personality and works as a copyright consultant at a plagiarism checker software company.

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