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How to Boost Your Business With Facebook

The future of advertising lies within Social Media. This is true today and can already be seen with Promoted Tweets and Facebook Sponsored Ads. Since social media sites like Facebook and Twitter connect hundreds of millions of people daily, what better place is there to advertise? With all the excitement of talking and sharing things with friends, most people don’t even realize how bombarded they are with advertisements every day. Why not cash in on this free opportunity to get your business in front of millions also? It’s both cost effective and simple to do. Let me show you how you can boost your business with Facebook with these simple steps.

Step 1: Create a free personal profile on Facebook if you don’t already have one. However I would suggest that you do not make one for your business. This is what Facebook Pages are for. Anyone with a Facebook Profile can start and manage a Facebook Page for free.


Step 2: Create a free Facebook Page for your Business. Fill out all the appropriate fields, and make sure to be as real to your business as you can. Then be sure to add pictures and make the Page inviting to others. Be sure to explain what your business is, how people can contact you, and most importantly put your Business website on the profile.


Step 3: Invite all of your friends to “Like” the page. The more people you have liking your business page the more exposure your business will get online. So invite everyone and have them invite their friends as well!


Step 4: Create engaging content. Just having a business page alone wont automatically get you more business. You have to engage your fans daily in order for your updates to show up in not only your fans news feeds, but friends of your fans newsfeeds as well.


Step 5: “Like” other related Pages and join other related groups. Facebook is a Social networking site. So take advantage of this and Network your business every chance that you can!


Step 6: Engage with other Pages and within your groups. Just joining them and inviting people to your page isn’t going to help you much. You have to actively engage others with meaningful content.


Step 7: Start a Facebook Ad Campaign that advertises your businesses Facebook Page! Facebook has its own Ad system that is very easy to use and will help you to attract potential clients to your Business Page.


These 7 steps will surely help to boost your business with Facebook. For more information on getting a customized Facebook Page for your business, Please Visit http://www.brandingpersonality.com/services/facebook-fan-page/ .

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