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How to Avoid Losing Social Media Followers

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How to Avoid Losing Social Media Followers

How to Avoid Losing Social Media FollowersAre YOU Losing Social Media Followers?

I read an article on Mashable last week: “Facebook lost 1.4 Million Users. Does that Matter?” Now, after scanning the article and realizing that the loss equates to less than 1% of Facebook’s overall users, my initial reaction was oh well, they will bounce back. 

But after a few moments of introspection, I realized my train of thought was inherently flawed, especially since I call myself a social media strategist and work with many small businesses to create compelling social media campaigns that aim at increasing engagement and establishing long-lasting, fruitful relationships.

That being said, if a client came to me and told me that they were losing their followers, I would do everything in my power to rectify the situation, to stifle the digital bleeding in order to bring back the following that was lost.

Facebook can afford to lose 1% of its following, but small businesses certainly cannot. How, then, would small businesses go about cementing the gap? By evaluating their current social media strategy and asking the following questions:

#1 What type of content am I posting?

Scanning over your social media timeline, take a look at the type of content that currently inhabits your page, and determine if that is the type of newsworthy stuff that your followers are looking for. Does your content garner engagement? Are people sharing it? Are you more effective at posting photos and stunning visuals or do your followers see you as a news source which requires you to post informational links to satisfy their curiosity? Does it have enough thought-provoking ingenuity or is it refurbished information that is a precursor to boring? What kind of language are you using and is it appropriate for your audience?

#2 How often am I posting?

There is the misconception that more tweeting and more posting and more pinning will produce more followers and fans. Not true. Think of it as overconsumption. If you invite guests to your dinner table, you are not going to feed them or inflate them with endless food. You are going to bring out appetizers and ignite the hunger bones in their bellies, making them want more; you will serve the main course and indulge in long conversation and let your guests savor the taste; and you will let them relish in the desert, and may not even let them know that there is whip cream in the corners of their mouths.

#3 Is my online presence limited to one social media site?

Often times small businesses consider Facebook and Twitter as social media gurus bathing in wealth and possibility. Sure, these social media sites work, and work well, but other sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google + Communities and Instagram offer businesses nice alternatives. Evaluate the type of industry you are in, and start experimenting with the aforementioned sites.

Pinterest and Instgram are photo-based services that can give your presence the aesthetic vibrancy it may be lacking, especially if writing is not your forte. In all honesty, images can speak much louder than words when positioned correctly.

Google + is really an up-and-coming platform despite it’s non-recent residency in the halls of social media. I personally find that more authentic conversations can be started on Google + Communities, primarily because the user interface is sleek and based on simplicity, and because Google + Communities are so new and fresh that all the businesses who missed out on the Facebook and Twitter wave finally have a chance to jump on a major bandwagon before all of their competitors.

LinkedIn provides professional opportunities for businesses who feel that social media should not be one giant joke, or, at the least, should not be taken lightly. LinkedIn understands that building relationships online is an effective means of creating partnerships, and the site really caters to those who have traditional, networking minds that have not been stimulated by the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Key Takeaway

When it comes down to it, losing followers is like watching a customer come into your store, only to look around for a few minutes before leaving uninspired. The goal is to keep followers coming back to your pages, either by creating witty content or beautiful photography or by engaging them with authentic conversation that is non-mechanical and non-rehearsed. And I get it- creating compelling social media campaigns can be a chore to some, a pleasure for others, or can be a jungle filled with snares, marketing traps and social tripwires that can upturn even the most savviest of us marketers.

I am affluent in these challenges, and confront them head-on each and every day. But the ability to push through these barriers, I mean really push through them to the point where you can say at the end of the day, “Wow, I did a great job at reversing the loss of followers!” or “Wow, I acquired so many new followers today!” are great feelings that you can rest your hat on.

And if you find yourself struggling with corralling all of those little lost social media sheep you call your following, you can always contact us here at Branding Personality, and we would be happy to make you some social fencing that will keep your followers happy and contained in a creative, socially friendly place.


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One Response to “How to Avoid Losing Social Media Followers”

  1. Josh says:

    “Over consumption” is a subjective term. Without more details it is hard to say what is too little.

    You want to meet needs and expectations of your prospects and existing customers so the answer as to what is too much or too little really varies.

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