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How To Attract Gen Y - Are You Being The Right Kind Of Social? -

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How To Attract Gen Y – Are You Being The Right Kind Of Social?

Social Media PeopleOver the past year I’ve really noticed the change in social media, and how it is being used beyond personal use and being more integrated into business. And after reading this article about why social media is more important than ever before, I couldn’t help but agree. This is where businesses today should start to focus more on – their digital presence, their social media profiles.

Over the past decade, the Internet has emerged as an ideal, convenient location for people, especially the young adult generation Y, to receive their news, make purchases, communicate with others, and read and write reviews on businesses. Whether accessed through a computer, tablet, or smartphone, we are always attached to our technology so we can remain connected with our online communities all day. And with more social media sites gaining popularity in recent years, it’s only appropriate for businesses to take advantage of these online tools.

How Are You Holding Up Under Review?
Reliance on the Internet has grown. These days, a person is more likely to scour the Internet for reviews before actively trying a new restaurant or a new gym for example. They look for commentary on customer service, cleanliness, location, and pricing. They will use this information and compare it against other similar businesses before making the decision to either give the business a try, or to not even go out at all.

Sometimes a customer will completely avoid going in to a store or restaurant, but not because of poor reviews. As time has become such a crucial element in our lives, we don’t always have it to waste. Shopping online saves a trip to the store. Ordering food via telephone or online saves a trip to the restaurant, or at least prevents the customer from having to wait at the restaurant for their order of food.

Is Your Social Media Well Designed?
A business, then, must have an attractive, compelling, and user-friendly website and/or social media site(s). Poorly designed sites that are aesthetically and visually unappealing and difficult to navigate will deter visitors and, therefore, customers. Ones that have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it will encourage visitors to stay on their site and take a look around.

For a businesYelp Reviewss’ social media sites, increasing likes, friends, followers, and check-ins is key. The more likeability a business has online, the more credible they are. Would you rather try the pizza parlor that has 134 likes on Facebook and only 2.5 stars on Yelp off of 98 reviews, or the one that has over 2,000 likes on Facebook and 4 stars on Yelp off of 373 reviews?

Are You Engaging?
The biggest effort that’s going to build a business’ online following that will hopefully translate to their in-person service where applicable (some businesses are online only), is engagement and conversation. A business can embellish their online profiles all it wants, but it is primarily interaction that builds and maintains relationships. Ask customers where the business could improve, or what they like about a certain item. Post photos of products on Instagram, for example, and link it to other social media sites. Visual content is more appealing than textual content.

What is it that you are already doing well or that you might help with? Leave us a comment!

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