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How the BRIC Countries are Influencing Social Media

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How the BRIC Countries are Influencing Social Media

Social media has firmly established itself in the United States, but sometimes marketers and entrepreneurs fail to realize that there are genuine social opportunities in countries around the world. Places like Brazil, Russia, India and China- a collection commonly referred to as BRIC countries- have made leaps and bounds on social media platforms that are largely unknown to most Americans.

As a result, key influencers are setting up shop in BRIC countries where the growing rates of user engagement and activity have started turning heads here in the US. By monitoring the performance of brands and customer interaction, and evolving their marketing strategies in order to take advantage of promising, up-and-coming markets, BRIC nations are rapidly becoming diamonds in the rough, or pots of gold for adventurous marketers looking for the end of the social rainbow.

A study was conducted by BestFreeOnline, which resulted in an infographic that measures the engagement statistics of social media users in BRIC countries. It might surprise you how engaged these users are, and how their influence within social media is beginning to shape the way international companies reach out to their global audience on sites other than Facebook and Twitter.


Rise Of Social Media In BRIC Countries
Via: Best Free Online

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3 Responses to “How the BRIC Countries are Influencing Social Media”

  1. bella says:

    I couldn’t agree more.
    As a business owner I’ve spent years trying to build Facebook communities with varying degrees of success.
    I recently started a page for the small seaside village I now live in, in Brazil and within a day it had hundreds (657 to be precise) people sign up and like the page.

    It’s now an active board full of discussion.

    What I can say about Brazil is that it has massive potential for any business commette to social marketing and the target base is immense.

    Also, unlike other BRIC nations, it has an essentially western culture. Folk here in Brazil like the same stuff as Americans and Europeans, which from a communications angle is fantastic.

    • Hi Bella-

      I am very happy you enjoyed the article!

      Thank you for providing some authentic perspective from Brazil…I am extremely fascinated with how Brazil is socializing, and truly believe there is extraordinary potential brewing there, waiting to be tapped into.

      I would love to keep in touch so feel free to email me with the latest Brazilian updates in social media!

      Have a wonderful day.

  2. Rae Guy says:

    This report examines the existing nature of social security in the BRIC countries in order to consider the likely trajectory of its future development. The report provides a useful reminder that, whilst the underlying pressures are at least to some extent similar,the starting places and norms are quite different. Also, the globalised world of the 21st century brings new pressures compared with the conditions that applied in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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