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How Much Insight Does Facebook Actually Give Your Company?

Facebook InsightsJust about every business has a Facebook Page nowadays, and if you don’t, it’s time for you to get with the times and get one! In order to truley make your Facebook Page effective, you have to understand how it works. This is where Facebook Analytics and Insights come into play. By fully understanding the numbers behind your page, will in turn help you to make sure that you are generating the proper amount of buzz to ensure that the appropriate messages are getting across to your followers. Below we will take a look at the different types of  insights that Facebook provides and how you can better taylor your content to make sure that your content is reaching the right people at the right time!

The 3 Type of Analytics

There are three types of analytics that can greatly help you understand what you’re company is doing right and what they’re doing not so well on their Facebook page. There are three types of insights that can be very useful for data extraction about your company: post insights, page insights, and website insights. But how exactly do these insights work?

Page Insights

These are the most basic. Think of this as a “general overview” of who likes your page and a broader way to pick up on trends. Noticing and analyzing these trends can help you to make better changes in order to steer your Facebook page towards higher productivity.

Website Insights

This insight is useful, but not incredibly important  for your Facebook Page. If you choose to link your website up to your business’s Facebook Page this insight will give you an idea on how effective your Facebook is at driving traffic back to your  company’s website. When you look at your company’s website insights, you’ll be able to see who is sharing your content via links, likes, or organic spreading. However the most important of all insights for your Facebook page are the post insights.

Post Insights

Facebook LikeAs you can easily conclude,  post insights allow you to see specifics on each post that is published on your page. These show you what is drawing the most attention, for example getting likes, comments, and shares. These insights can help you take those generalizations from your Page Insights and help you to get an better understanding of how to make your posts more effective. An important thing to remember is not to make all your posts similar to your most successful ones. It is important to keep things diverse, but if you take note of posts that generate more traffic and buzz you know where to pay extra attention.

Avoid the Traps

The key with insights is not to get too absorbed in them. Checking them every hour on the hour is not going to help nor is it healthy. With some companies, their biggest downfall can arise from strictly relying on what the insights are telling them and falling into the trap of operating things strictly based upon what the numbers say. Insights are exactly what they are – they’re made to give people a peek into what is working and what may not be working on their Facebook page.  Keeping that in mind, it is important to monitor your company’s use of insights as well as your company’s use of Facebook. Make sure your company isn’t placing all of its eggs in one basket – spread the assets around in a way that lets you operate a range of different social media platforms.

Post Insights Beat Page Insights in MOST Cases

The last thing to be mindful of is if you plan on keeping a close tab on insights is to look at post metrics and not page metrics. Page metrics are almost exclusively for companies who routinely and consistently post content. If you’re interested in seeing what content people like and what is being shared, make sure to keep your eyes on post metrics. The most valuable information will come from the indications of the data, not the data itself.

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One Response to “How Much Insight Does Facebook Actually Give Your Company?”

  1. Great post, but I would argue that website insights are more important than you made them out to be. Facebook is just one part of the overall marketing mix. I believe it should serve as a platform to build a connection with customers, but the connection you build should make people want to go to your website, learn more about your company and ultimately buy your products and services.

    I’m not saying every Facebook post should be a link back to a landing page on your website, but if what you’re doing on Facebook isn’t driving traffic to your company’s site how can you measure that your social media marketing is actually getting business results?

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