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Google Plus: What is it? How do we use it?

I’m sure the majority of you have already heard about Google+ by now, but for those of you that haven’t, here is a little tell all about it. Google+ is Google’s new Social Media Platform. In layman’s terms it’s the new Facebook. Since Google is already the “gateway” to the Internet, it made sense for them to develop their own social platform to keep web traffic up on their site.

Organize your Friends in Circles

Google+ allows its users to bring together all of their friends in one place and easily organize them into different groups. These groups are what Google likes to call “Circles.” You can create different circles for different contacts such as one circle for close friends, another for business contacts, and another for just family. The possibilities are endless! They are extremely easy to make, all you have to do is just click, drag, and drop that contact into the circle of your choice, it’s that simple!

Huddle, Group Chat with your Buddies

The Google+ platform has upgraded a few of the most common features seen on other social media sites, for example the ever famous chat feature.  Google+ has taken the chat function and taken it to a whole new level with its huddle feature. Huddle is a group messaging system that allows you to chat with a number of friends all at once on your mobile phone! Huddle allows all its users to see what everyone else is saying so that everyone can take part in the conversation.

What exactly is a Hangout?

Another way in which you can converse with friends on Google+ is through the “Hangout” feature. This feature allows you to “hangout” through a video chat. You can hangout with just one person or multiple people. While in your hangout, you can converse by old school chat as well as by video. There is even a place where you can share YouTube videos in a way that everyone can watch at the same time. It even allows you to select then next video as well as change the video for everyone at anytime!

Sparks, Google’s new RSS Feeder

Another cool feature, that Facebook lacks, is a kind of RSS reader called Sparks. Sparks allows you to designate your interests, and then has Google+ scan the internet and collect various articles, videos, and photos of the things you love, so that you can read and share them when you get a chance.

Overall Google+ has revolutionized a new way in which we can interconnect socially on the web. It has taken some of the old, “Facebook,” added some new features that totally appeal to the avid social media user. This is just the beginning for Google+ and we expect more great features to roll out as more and more people migrate on the site.

Here’s a quick look at Google+

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