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Google Places vs Google Plus Local

Google Plus LocalGoogle is at it once again! In it’s latest attempt to catch up with social media rival, Facebook, Google has introduced Google Plus Local.  But what about Google Places? What will become of the old Google listing? Let us take a deeper look into what this new feature has to offer to both business owners and to those who rely heavily on Google Places and Google Search to find out the necessary information for the businesses they are looking for.

What is Google Plus Local?

Google Plus Local is the newest feature to hit Google’s Social Media Platform Google Plus. Consider Google Places a thing of the past. As of June, Google Plus Local has arrived to take its place. Google Plus Local combines Google’s Social Media platform, Google Plus, with it’s renowned restaurant review site Zagat. Yes you have read that correctly, as some of you may know Google purchased Zagat back in September. Its about time they have put this acquisition to work!

How does it Work?

Branding Personality's Google Plus Local ProfileGoogle Plus Local was designed to enable people to discover and share information about local restaurants, businesses, and stores. By combining the likes of Google places and the Zagat review website, Google Plus Local has created a more social and interactive way to share and research information about local businesses. Take a look at the Branding Personality’s Google Plus Local Page for a good example of what it is and what it will look like!

With Google Plus Local, your business can now be found across Google search, maps, mobile, and Google Plus, where users can recommend places to their friends or share their reviews of the place to the world. Also, many businesses will also receive a Zagat score from 1 to 30, based upon on a number of factors within the business.

How can My Business Benefit from Google Plus Local?

If you or your business doesn’t have a Google Plus profile, you need to sign up for one immediately as it will soon be the only way to maintain a Google Plus Local profile. It will also allow you to join in on the conversation and help get your business noticed in Google’s Search Results.

By setting up and maintaining a Google Plus Local profile, your business will be at the forefront of Google Searches. Now, Users will be able to leave your business a review as well as easily recommend your business to their friends with the click of a button. Not only will your businesses contact, business, and location info be displayed, but also all reviews and discussions posted on Google Plus about your business will now show up on your Business’s Google Plus Local profile. As of now the Google Plus Pages and Local are two separate pages. Look for these to soon be merged together so that you can manage just one page and have all of you information together on a single page that people can see when they search for your business using Google.

How do I convert over to Google Plus Local?

If your business currently has a Google Places Page, then there is no need to worry. Google has already integrated all existing Google Places content into the new Google Plus Local Layout. But, with all things, it is best to make sure that your business account has been converted over properly. If you have not been converted over I suggest that you contact Google immediately as you never know how much business you could be losing as a result of not having a Google Places/ Local listing.

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7 Responses to “Google Places vs Google Plus Local”

  1. Google Plus Local is has tremendous SEO benefits and will continue to be more beneficial in driving business once the G+ community becomes a bit more active. I think it offers a lot more than Facebook brand pages, but of course there’s a much more active community over there. Just give it time 🙂

  2. Good morning Robert, thanks for a wonderful article. I like the simple explanation, and thought to ask you for a special permission; If I may translate the article to Spanish, mentioning the credits and original source, and sharing it on Google Plus with my fellow Spanish contacts. I believe it will benefit lots of people, just for learning purposes! Would you mind, Robert?

  3. Jessica Obermayer says:

    Great post, Robert:

    As Google pulls together all of its Search-related apps into Google+, the end result is going to be formidable. The issues, like Facebook, will be keeping privacy needs intact (which Facebook has failed miserably at), spammers out, and ensuring they keep settings simple enough for everyone (another Facebook failure with their incessant churn of settings).

  4. Thanks for the kind words Jessica! I totally agree, I think Google is taking it’s time and making the right moves with Google Plus. Since they weren’t the first Social Media Platform to break into the industry, they “hopefully” can learn from Facebook’s mistakes and make improvements to privacy amongst Social Media Platforms! Look for Google Plus to be a dominate informational social network!

  5. Robyn Hawk says:

    Question – is there a way to link the Google Business page I have had for a year to the Google Local page that Google built?

  6. Sheryl says:

    what if my google+ has my personal information (not by business). Shall I create another page for my business? Shall I do it at google+ or google+ local.

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