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Google Goes Live with +1 Buttons for Ads

Google Plus AdsAlthough, Google Plus traffic has had over a 60% drop since its release, Google continues to integrate its social network into every facet of its website. Starting on 10/11/11, Google plans to begin showing the +1 button on the company’s Ad display network. Ads will now show you a +1 button on the ad along with everyone else that has liked the ad as well. The thought behind this is that you can now share or recommend an ad with others who are connected in your Google Network.

Google hopes that this move will help change the way in which people look at advertisements. If they can see that their friends +1 an Ad, hopefully they will be more inclined to check it out and see what the Ad is actually advertising. This type of ad sharing has previously been done before by Facebook, with their sponsored stories Ads. It has proven to be a big success with Facebook Ad’s because anyone within your networks that likes an ad will show up at the bottom next to the like button, indicating that they are already a fan of that company’s page or product already.

Since, your reading “Google Goes Live with +1 Buttons for Ads,” I assume you’re on Facebook as well and somewhat Internet savvy. What do you think Google’s biggest mistake has been with Google Plus thus far? What could they possibly do to turn it around and make it more appealing to the Internet community?

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2 Responses to “Google Goes Live with +1 Buttons for Ads”

  1. I’m very curious to see how questionable marketers will try and inflate this feature and use it to their advantage.

  2. Clicking on the Google +1 button is not catching on at all. Appears to me that this is heading toward being another Google social media dud. However, that could change very quickly if it is announced that +1 clicks have been incorporated into the Google ranking algorithm.

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