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Google Analytics for Mobile Apps -

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Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

Google AnalyticsThere is a paradigm shift taking place online, and it directly affects the world of Web 2.0 and the way we interact with the smartphones and tablets we have grown so attached to. Not only are we using our mobile devices more than ever, we are also choosing mobile apps over web browsers when it comes to accessing information on the go. Google is playing close attention to our behavior, and to that extent the search engine giant announced its plans to launch Mobile App Analytics at the recent Google I/O developers event in San Francisco.

Mobile App Analytics is currently in its beta testing phase. Google Analytics users can expect to see the new mobile app functionality when they log in to their accounts in the next few weeks. Mobile App Analytics consists of a series of reports that will provide detailed metrics on the usage of mobile apps from the moment they are evaluated by the user through their download, installation and daily user interaction.

The Importance of Measuring Analytics for Mobile Apps

Mobile AppsTo think that use of mobile apps will one day overtake web browsers is not a stretch. According to statistics released by Google, queries originated from mobile devices are now almost 10 percent of search engine traffic. This trend is bound to keep rising thanks to the proliferation of attractive and affordable mobile devices coming on the market every day. Mobile apps seem to strike a chord in users who enjoy launching an app to read their email, another one for their favorite social network, a separate news reader app, an instant messenger, etc.

Measuring app performance is not isolated to Google. Some business enterprises charge for reports on some aspects of mobile app usage, but a comprehensive source of app data was not available until now. In the past, Google Analytics has provided webmasters and other Internet professionals with detailed reports about traffic coming from mobile devices, but information concerning apps in particular has been lacking.

Mobile users are leading the paradigm shift from browser interaction to apps. Even on desktop environments browser apps are enjoying greater popularity. To deliver a better experience to users, app developers and marketers need greater insight on how their apps are being used, and to this end Google’s announcement of Mobile App Analytics arrives at the right time.

Measuring Mobile App Performance

Implementing Google Mobile App Analytics will not be as simple as pasting a piece of tracking code on a website. Once installed, app developers and marketers will be able to see a number of reports based on three general metrics:

  • Acquisition
  • Engagement
  • Outcome

The mobile app reports will be accessed from a new section of Google Analytics. In terms of acquisition, users will be able to see new downloads and daily usage patterns. Engagement reports will reflect app performance issues such as crashing and specific behaviors like the time spent using the app. Metrics related to outcome will show purchase transactions for apps that have e-commerce functions.

About the Author:

Karl is an Online Marketing expert from Australia. He believes measuring app performance is critical for app developers and marketers. For more information about Analytics, visit LovesData.com.

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