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Giants & Dodgers Use Twitter to Reach Fans Outside the Ballpark

Giants and DodgersMajor League Baseball has been around for over a century and is always referred to as “America’s Favorite Pastime,” but what happens when age-old enjoyment has to keep up with modern day technology? Fans will always support their teams, but in today’s world can MLB clubs do more to increase their fan-base? The answer is yes. Lets take a look at the social media uses through one of the biggest age-old rivalries in MLB history – the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

How to Hit A Home-run with Twitter

Twitter is much more powerful than just an outlet to provide a few simple updates to fans – it makes way for real-time updates during a game and direct interaction between players and fans. Retweeting players, providing in-game updates, and hashtagging have been key to the Giants success on Twitter. The little snippets of exciting information the Giants provide via tweets makes following the team easy. The Dodgers organization provides great team-related content, but unlike the Giants, their tweet content seems to come in waves – changing from a series of articles, to a series of videos, to series of retweets and over again. Comparing the number of followers between the teams shows that keeping a mix of current content is more exciting and will generate a larger following. While mixing current content is key, what else can you do to increase “buzz?”

Continually Tweet About Upcoming Events – Be Specific

The All-Star game is coming up soon and getting players to the starting spots in the game is a priority for every MLB team. Keeping in mind that specificity is key, the Dodgers should change a tweet such as, “Vote for you @Dodger favorites for the All Star Game! Click here: ______” to “Get our pitching ace @ClaytonKersh22 to the All Star Game! Vote for him here _______.” Generating buzz and coming off as upbeat about specific players will generate traffic to the voting site and increase the desired result of the tweet.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Giants are currently focusing their efforts with this idea of specificity. As of late, they’ve been rallying behind Outfielder Melky Cabrera who leads the NL with a .365 batting average. After coming off a hot streak in May with 51 hits, fans are rallying behind Melky with hashtags like #VoteMelky and #MelkMan. Getting fans to the MLB landing page to vote for Melky will draw them to vote for other Giants players as well. It is important to find a topic relevant to you, much like the Giants have done with Melky, and be creative about promoting it – don’t follow what other people are doing, blaze your own trail for tweet creativity.

San Francisco Giants

Use the #PowerOfTheHashtag

Hashtags are specific and generate a link between similar tweets. When the Giants and Dodgers face off in a series, Twitter blows up with fans’ tweets united by way of hashtags “#BeatLA” and “#BeatSF.” When used effectively, as they are in this situation, hashtags can be a huge instrument in gaining followers or finding people of interest to follow.

Be the Same “On and Off the Field”

While hashtags can be extremely useful, they are not always practical. So what else do these ballclubs do so well that generates such a large following? They stay engaged. Engagement with followers is a huge reason why fans avidly follow their team on Twitter. Retweeting fans, tweeting at them, or offering contests in which someone can win a team-related prize makes interacting with both organizations accounts exciting. Give a person a reason to tweet about you or to you. You can use this mentality to increase your following. Give people a reason to tweet at you, whether its because of a product/service you offer, something funny people react to, or something else – remember, your Twitter is apart of your brand, treat it as such.

Keeping the Game Going

Both the Dodgers and Giants’ organizations understand the usefulness of Twitter and avidly use it to branch out to over a combined total of 400,000 fans. These two strong teams are proof that consistency, staying current, and outreach are key components to a successful outing on Twitter. Everyone can take a lesson from these ball clubs – if you want to create a strong following on twitter then use it as an asset to share your true identity with others.

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