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Get Inspired: 3 Ted Talks Every Digital Marketer Needs to Watch


I just love TED Talks: I listen to a new one least three times a week while I’m getting ready for work. Not only are they a great way to kick-start your day with a little inspiration and motivation, but I also always end up learning something new and awesomely profound. In essence, they’re kind of like the career-oriented adult version of Bill Nye the Science Guy. But better!

Having listened to dozens upon dozens of Ted Talks from some of the greatest thought leaders around the world, I’ve decided to compile a list of my three favorite presentations that every digital marketer could learn a thing or two from. So take your lunch break, grab your sandwich, plop down in front of your computer, and get ready to have your marketing mind blown.


(1) Your Elusive Creative Genius by Elizabeth Gilbert

This is one of the first Talks I ever listened to – I know, I was a little late jumping on the TED bandwagon! – and I can watch it over and over without getting bored. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a writer since the day I knew how to put pen to paper. Or maybe it’s that I really, really enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love. Either way, Gilbert is highly captivating in this short, but powerful talk about how you can embrace your genius and not let it stifle your creative muse.


(2) Why Videos Go Viral by Kevin Allocca

“Why does some content go viral and other content flop?” This is a universal question all social media marketers ask themselves. Luckily, Allocca is a professional YouTube watcher (for real!) and has figured out the three key components for why viral content becomes, well, viral. If you already know the answer, give this video a watch anyway to lighten up your day with some sweet double rainbow action.

(3) The Clues to a Great Story by Andrew Stanton

 As the writer of all three Toy Story movies and the writer/director of WALL-E, it’s safe to say that Andrew Stanton knows a thing or two about effective storytelling. In this short (and hilarious, might I add!) presentation, Stanton draws on both his personal experiences and his time at Pixar to explain what makes a gripping story and why an audience wants to be put to work.


What Ted Talks inspire you to be a better marketer and storyteller? Tell us in the comments below or give us a shout at @BPSocial.

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