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Fresh Social Media Content Ideas for Architect Firms

This morning I was at the Society for Design Administration, an affiliate of the American institute of Architects. A great group of people who, as one worded it are “responsible to take care of everything else going on at the architect firm.” Here is the presentation, it shows a structural approach to social media for architects.

Architects have interesting content for social media. They have a product that a lot of people want, but are not always able to afford it. However many people dream about building their own unique place. So great opportunity for social media content.

Pinterest Ideas for Architects

The questions in the room were mostly related to Pinterest.
Should they be using Pinterest? And how should they use Pinterest?

A few ideas that I shared were:

#1. Share your firm’s portfolio on Pinterest

Your audience can get to know your  firms work and get inspired with the work that you do.

#2. Your clients create a Pinterest board with their architecture inspiration & ideas

You can also have your clients create a Pinterest board of what features they want in their house, ideas of designs they accumulate. It’s much easier than pictures ripped out of magazines, a whole lot cheaper and better organized. You can have multiple people collaborate on a Pinterest board, so each person can add their pictures to it.

I am the co-founder of The Open School, a school that is opening in 2015, and currently in the pre-stages to build. We are very much in the design and idea collection phase, and have our own board to collect design ideas for the school.

Also when a client finds yet another picture, they can easily pin it to their Pinterest board, instead of bringing it to the next meeting, scan and email or anything like it. It’s always up-to-date.

#3. Categorize your firms portfolio into specific boards based on price, style, etc

Categorize your portfolio and ideas into boards based on location, demographic, style or budget. So people can browse and get ideas related to what fits them.

Some of my clients would be jealous of architects, a lot of people like cool houses. People will “like” it on Facebook, and frequently share it with friends. Use that to your benefit.

Get ideas at bigger Facebook communities that share architecture. Curate the ideas that work for your target audience and share them on your Facebook group.

If you want to hear our ideas to crank up your architects’ firms social media image, please fill out the form on the right and we will share fresh ideas for your social media presence!

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4 Responses to “Fresh Social Media Content Ideas for Architect Firms”

  1. sheri4l says:

    As a pinterest lover I found this very interesting. Have you also looked at Houz. It is a website similar to pinterest but is geared more towards design. Architects are on it quite a bit.

    • Hey Sheri4l,

      Yeah, Houzz.com is actually a slide in my presentation. It’s not so interactive as Pinterest, but a lot of their pictures show up on Pinterest, I noticed. I also like their weekly newsletter. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pretty clever tips Marieke! Architects could benefit from showcasing their work with these tips.

  3. bonooobong says:

    As a young experimental architect, I’ve found very useful the tips of this great presentation! Honestly, I’ve just started my blog and website in the last couple of days, and I’ve already heard a lot about the benefits of appearing on several social media platforms. Your points are incredible helpful for me to find out how to get started with that, my first step is going to be to create a facebook page and a twitter account for the project. Does Google+ also have a section for professionals, just like LinkedIn?

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