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Free Resources Library


Blog to learn marketing and social media - free resource


Many topics around everything marketing and social media. Have a question? Need to do some research? Start by visiting our blog to educate yourself.


ebooks to learn about marketing and social media


Are you a restaurant owner/manager/social media specialist? Or do you manage a car dealership or its marketing team? Are you looking for ways to be more successful and create more sales? Then download our free e-books here with instant access!


Personality Test for Targeted Marketing


Yes, your company has a personality – and it’s not necessarily that of your CEO. To make the right marketing decisions, it’s helpful to know what your company looks like to the outside world. Take our quick test here to evaluate your company’s type and how to leverage it for more sales.


Revenue Calculator for Targeted Marketing and Business Goals


What are your online goals? What should you reasonably be able to expect? Use our calculator to find out!


Social Media for Targeted Marketing


Join the sunny side of business through our social media channels. Get marketing and social media news, happenings, changes, and fun facts. We’re giving you 101 Marketing Tips – one at a time, we’ll let you know about social media no-nos, and keep you up-to-date on everything else that’s going on in the world of social media. Stay informed and amused – only on BP’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+! Be social. Join us.