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Foursquare: Are you still under the Radar?

With the much-anticipated release of IOS 5, we have seen many new updates to Social Media applications for the Iphone. One in particular is the new update to the Foursquare application. With the arrival of the new IOS 5 software comes new the latest version of the Foursquare application.  Now the location-based application brings us even more location based features.  The latest of these is called “Radar.”

Radar takes advantage of IOS 5’s region monitoring function. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the application, a prompt will pop up and ask you if you would like to opt in to Radar. Once you have opted in, Foursquare will send you push notifications when things are happening close by to your current location or if there are places on your to do list within the area. Foursquare will also alert you when three or more of your friends have checked- in somewhere within walking distance of your current location. This new feature is something that Foursquare has been waiting for, for a long time. The ability to track the locations of your friends in real time as well as being alerted right away when someone you know is close by. To some this may seem creepy and a bit of intrusion of privacy, but that’s why you have to opt in to use it.

I also can see how shops and restaurants will benefit from this, because if people know that one of their friends is in the area, chances are that they will want to stop in wherever they are to say. Thus increasing foot traffic and possibly increasing sales, since friends generally like the same type of stuff. I look forward to seeing what foursquare comes up with next and how they can use this new feature to their advantage. What is your take on the New “Radar” feature? And how do you think business could use it to their advantage when it comes to offering specials and discounts? Possibly a friends check-in discount awaits us around the corner?

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