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Facebook Gifts: Marketing and the Celebratory Click

Congratulations Facebook. You did it again.

With one click, users can now celebrate the milestones and achievements of friends and followers by sending real-time gifts. How? In partnering with a variety of vendors, including Starbucks, Gund, and Magnolia Bakery, Gifts allows users to buy actual presents for the people they care about, like teddy bears, chocolates and gift cards. The presents are then mailed to the recipient’s address.

The launch of Gifts has (at least momentarily) stifled the grumbles and murmurs from marketing execs who have been disillusioned by failed attempts at making money in the social media world. The new app is designed to appeal to both users and business savvy veterans looking to capitalize on the wave of progression Facebook currently surfs.

While this app is marketed as a social celebration for Facebook friends, the underlying theme is certainly clear: businesses can finally turn Facebook into dollars. With Gifts, Facebook lets companies and corporations fill-out applications which, if accepted, would enable the business’ product to be purchased by Facebook users. Indeed, this singular fact must have the business world knocking on Facebook’s door, regardless of the hour.

However, it is important to note that Gifts is not wholly new. The app was released to the public back in winter of 2007, and was shut down by summer of 2010. A Fluke? Maybe. But this Frankenstein-like resurrection of Gifts certainly has a better shot of existence in a world where buying products online has become the social norm.

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2 Responses to “Facebook Gifts: Marketing and the Celebratory Click”

  1. Theresa Falkenberg says:

    Wow…I had no idea this was out there. Good to know. Loved the article!

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