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Facebook Ads: How to Manage Your Campaigns to Get the Best ROI

Look at the right of your Facebook right now… Now notice the ads placed there. Do they relate to your interests or needs?  Chances are they do! They weren’t put there by chance, but are targeted at you based upon your interests or some of the information Facebook has collected from your profile.

With Facebook Ads, Facebook has taken advertising to the next level. Now, not only can huge multinational companies advertise, but so can the average person and small business. With just a few clicks and a credit card you can have your businesses advertisements being exposed to thousands of unique users. Let’s break it down a little bit more and see how it can benefit you.

Ad Approval

Facebook Ad Approval can take as little as 10 minutes and as long as 2 days sometimes. I have noticed that ones designed by Facebook where you just fill in details tend to take less time but don’t hold me to that. Facebook can pretty much do whatever they want these days and that includes making you wait for your ads.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Facebook shows your ads to thousands of people, almost like hanging your ad on a giant billboard on an interstate; a lot of people will see it and hopefully click on it. As for Google, people will only see your ad when they are searching for something related to the keywords you have purchased or setup. The two platforms have completely different ad models and ideally should both be used when looking to advertise for your business. Until Facebook completely takes over the Internet, people will still travel over to Google to browse the web and search for things, therefore having ads set up in both locations is ideal for conversions. The main difference is the amount of impressions your ads will get. On Facebook you can expect a lot of impressions based upon the system that Facebook has and the number of people that sit on there day in and day out. Since people tend to spend more time on Facebook, as I’m sure most of you have noticed, this extended amount of time is the best recipe for getting more impressions out to the masses. 

Campaign Management Tips

Since people on Facebook will see your ad over and over, it is best to mix them up in order to prevent user fatigue and keep them interested. Facebook will track and implement an ad that it sees working better more often, so it is smart to have a few campaigns going to see which ones work the best and continue with those. One thing I must stress though is to that you can’t let your campaigns run on auto pilot! Facebook needs a lot of attention and ads on that platform will disappear quickly.

As a solution to this I advise that you build up multiple campaigns and switch them out once you notice that results are dropping. This technique alone will cut 20% of your campaign costs by simply getting rid of the ones that aren’t working anymore and saving that money to use on another more successful campaign.

In order for this to work though, you really need to focus on the performance of your ads and track them using the analytics tools that Facebook provides. It will be a complete waste of your time and money if you don’t use these tools to help you determine which ads work and which don’t. Analytics is key to success with ads! I can’t stress this point enough! You must see where you’re lacking in order to improve your ads and get the best return for your money.

Landing Pages

Lastly, landing Pages on Facebook will cut ad costs, as it is cheaper to route your perspective customer to your FB page rather then your websites landing page. It also helps building up a community presence on your Facebook page in order to keep users engaged and interested in your content.

I hope some of this basic info increases the ROI on your next Facebook Ad campaign. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. If you are still completely lost on the whole Facebook Ads concept, we can help you with your campaigns. Just give us a call at 1-877-747-3263 or fill out the form on the right and we will have a qualified specialist contact you in order to get you started with Facebook Ads!

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2 Responses to “Facebook Ads: How to Manage Your Campaigns to Get the Best ROI”

  1. I started using facebook ads, and do confused about how it works. I thought i just added $10 to a budget of only 1 day, but it keeps running and dont know how to adjust it… Some one help!!!

  2. Go into your Ads Manager, and check the beginning and end date. Also check the year. It’s only by entering the end date on today that it will stop.

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